Sunday, November 11, 2007

Bill Curry on M. Jodi Rell

I believe that when a chief executive is marched out of office for impeachable offenses, we should have an election to fill the remainder of the term. The idea that a member of Rowland's posse simply follows in Rowland's footsteps is a bad one.

CCR: Has the Lt. Governor, Jodi Rell, been implicated?

CURRY: When her son was found by state environmental officers to be running a stolen property ring out of her basement for Skidoos, the environmental officers who made the arrests had their careers threatened.

They suffered until it hit the press and then the administration backed off. She denied any involvement in the retaliation.

Again, Connecticut's extraordinary unwillingness to investigate the apparent corruption of its own elected officials saved her from further public embarrassment. In any event, she has been a happy, willing partner and an insider in the Rowland administration for nine years. [click here for complete transcripts]

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[click here] for my letter to the FBI

[click here] for the text of the letter I mailed to former Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland meant to arrive for his first day of federal prison telling him to go "F" himself.


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