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Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy [click here for website]

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What is going on regarding NSA Wiretapping? [click here]

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I was talking recently to Francis C. P. Knize down in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

He told me that lawyers get up to 98% of settlements. I don't know if that is just for class actions or is true across the board. I'll email him for clarification and post it here when and if he responds by email.

Francis told me also that there is transcript evidence where Colorado courts are exposed for ruling against Pro Se litigants across the board. Meaning, that if you defend yourself, you are automatically ruled against, punished for daring to not hire a lawyer.

I recall reading of a case, possibly happening in New Haven, Connecticut, where a preacher of color was hassled by police. He didn't produce and ID fast enough, or some similar offense. So he was arrested and when he went to court, the citizen decided to defend himself. He was deemed "crazy" for wanting to defend himself and then locked up. I believe it is the court system, nationally, in the US, that is "crazy".

Francis C. P. Knize would like to do a video conference with a Presidential Candidate. I would like to interview Senator Patrick Leahy up here in Vermont, hopefully with Francis' help.

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Text that I typed in Leahy's contact web form:
Dear Honorable US Senator Leahy and/or staff:

I would be interested in doing a video interview of Senator Patrick Leahy. I believe he is key for citizens across the nation looking to elected officials for honest, ethical judicial reform.

If you want an example of the type of installments we are looking to capture on video for a documentary, go to and do a search on the words, "In the Interest of Justice"

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson

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An installment of, "In the Interest of Justice" [click here]

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Eminent Domain Citizen Abuse, Norwalk, CT

senator leahy, opposing mukasey --11.02.07

US Attorney General Gonzales was as bad as it can get, except for bad humans that are worse, like Mukasey.

Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy, as Judiciary Committee Chairman, shows his outrage at how "American Justice" is used to sway elections:

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[click here] for a post on the Connecticut State Police "game" of making false arrests for DUI, "The 100 Club"

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