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Are your tax dollars being used to get judges and police officers laid?

Are your tax dollars being used, so that judges can hire their friends at high pay and the friends don't have to even show up to get paid? Isn't that felony theft, with accessory before and after the fact, obstruction of justice with conspiracy thrown in? Are judges being bribed in chambers, Ex Parte, with baggies of cocaine? Well, check out [this video]. Is it ok with you that your tax dollars are used for immoral purposes, for secret surveillance, retaliation, and to break up families, harm children, and falsely arrest and imprison citizens for political, not criminal, reasons?

On da Run from da Police

Connecticut Chief Justice William J. Sullivan told an elected official, Minnie Gonzales, that he'd be a prostitute too in the situation of many minority women. He tried to curry favor with the minority elected official by claiming to be kind to prostitutes. What!!!???

The courts in Connecticut and Connecticut State Police expected me to pay for 3 prostitutes that I was not even interested in having sex with. Lana Thompson, Vicky Tomaro (Tamaro?), and Robin Pelc all living in my apartments. Robin's trash cans even had dead cats, thrown out, in them. I was expected to pay for their hear, electricity, and their living expenses. I could have rented the apartments to paying tenants, but the police and the courts in Connecticut seem to do nothing about prostitutes, squatters, vandals, thieves, rapists, and low level drug dealers. My mortgage was flat, so if I was getting rent, it was coming out of my pocket. [video of properties Connecticut State Police terrorized me out of]

So, combined, I was paying about $2000/month for prostitutes that I was not having sex with. I never wanted to, I would have rather have good, paying tenants.

Stafford Police Officer Frank Prochaska and Connecticut State Police Stafford Springs Resident Trooper Mulcahey allegedly offered Peter J. Coukos help in obtaining a gun permit if he terrorized me out of Connecticut. Coukos left a message on voicemail for my daughter and I, "If she [my daughter] doesn't call me Mr. Coukos and say hello to me, she's dead!" I reported Coukos to the two officers that had enticed him to attack and harass me, they told me that if I lodged a complaint against Coukos that I would be arrested. Coukos is known to frequent prostitutes, offers money to have sex with children, has or has a problem with alcohol, crack cocaine, klonapin, marijuana, pain pills, etc. Coukos went to Narcotics anonymous after having paid prostitute Vicky Tomaro, sick with HIV, to sleep with him. Coukos got a DUI for continually slamming his pick up truck into a minority woman over miles of road over a racist road rage incident. [more]

Coukos continually slapped me in the back of the head, punching me in the back, telling me he wanted my then 14 year old daughter to give him a blow job. I had already been arrested for being mugged on my property, and police had given Coukos the go ahead to do as he pleased. If I turned around and fought back, again, only I would have been arrested. Police helped install Coukos as the new owner of my rental properties that I had spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars fixing up. Would I have been a "friend" to police if I had also been an alcoholic, drug abuser, bi-polar, offered to pay to rape kids, and a frequenter of prostitutes?

Was former Connecticut State Police Commissioner and Connecticut Judge ,Arthur L. Spada, a patron of prostitutes and did he even run a "Rub and Tug" parlor of prostitution at the Webster Theater in Hartford? I ask Spada that question [here].

Drug dealers openly sold heroin, crack and powdered cocaine, and baggies of marijuana off of my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties, 24 hours a day. Teens were swilling alcohol, using my property as a toilet as they fought, had unprotected sex, and smashed my windows in. Police seemed to be protecting the vandals, thieves, prostitutes, drug dealers, and common criminal parasites calling them "informants". The informants were told by police that I was a problem and that they wanted their help to deal with me. I had proposed laws about fixing some of the downtown social problems. I had been vocal about the corrupt police and courts in Connecticut, printed in the Journal Inquirer and the Hartford Courant.

Police have a secret "Enemies List" [post] to deal with those that are politically active to reform the police, the courts, and Official Connecticut.

I have been told over and over to, "Get over it."

It has been more than 5 years, I haven't had so much as a closet of my own since the courts and police in Connecticut retaliated against me for testing Free Speech and Redressing Grievances to elected officials. This is how I live [video]. I have been told that I am too violent to even load boxes on a Federal Express truck. All I did was resist being mugged on my own property. Should any homeowner get prison for that?

So have Connecticut Judges and the Connecticut State Police, "Taught Big Mouth a Lesson"?

Were $10,000 of your tax dollars used to entice a married woman to sleep with me and set me up for a false arrest and beating by the Connecticut State Police? [more]

Were $10,000 of your tax dollars used to pay a police informant to kill a US Marine that lodged a police misconduct complaint? [more]

Are more and more Connecticut Police Officers showing that they are a threat to children as sexual predators? [story]

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Are U.S. Courts still racist, but now just a little more slick about it?

[more], this link is a repost of a past post. The links inside that post that refer to any other posts no longer go to intended posts.

The ACLU digs into the Connecticut State Police as a spy organization [click here]

Are the Connecticut State Police acting out on unofficial Jim Crow? [more]

If you are a Black Man and a White Woman that you have a restraining order on in Connecticut, breaks into your house while on probation and slams an iron into your face and commits felony assault, should she not be violated on probation and should the Black Male be sentenced to a year in prison for being the victim? [Connecticut's dirty little secrets]

[click here] for my letter to the Washington DC FBI. Should Connecticut be shut down and taken over by the Federal Authorities, until the courts, legislators, governor, judges, prosecutors, DCF, DOC, DMR, and other officials act lawfully and honor the US Constitution in Connecticut?

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Racist Comments from the Bench?

Enfield Connecticut Judge Howard Scheinblum

Scheinblum is known to rent out courthouses for retirement parties for lawyers, judges, and prosecutors. It sounds like they have a little club not for serving you, but for fleecing and abusing you. Sceinblum is known to allegedly make racist comments from the bench and to use a violin in his chambers. If he played a bad note, a harsh sentence was imposed. A nice not, a lenient sentence. Was Howard Schienblums violin resposible for 3 murders in Cheshire, Connecticut, in a home invasion because Scheinblum played a good note with his violin? [Hartford Courant Cheshire Connecticut story on murders]

I was stalked and harassed by Rell's Connecticut State Police Capitol Guards for wanting to testify against Schienblum at [this hearing]

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[list] of pictures and names of Connecticut's dirty little secrets

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[click here] for:

The Continuing Saga of the Rogues in the Connecticut State Police

Connecticut, A Police State


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