Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Brattleboro Vermont Impeachment Parade 2007

Every Friday in Brattleboro Vermont, concerned citizens gather for a musical impeachment parade through the Main Street of our town. The fight for justice and accountability in our ailing republic continues with grassroots action every week and this parade is a public manifestation of that ongoing action. Impeachment is an investigation by Congress into whether the executive branch has violated the Consitutional laws of our republic. The founders of the USA wanted impeachment to be used to prevent the circumstances we find ourselves in today. One branch of government has an inordinant amount of power and influence.

John Nirenberg of marchinmyname.org is seen at the beginning of this video. Look for more about John's march from Boston to Nancy Pelosi's office in D.C. and how you can get involved in supporting his efforts. If we don't stand up for accountability and our Constitution now we may not have the ability to do so later.


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