Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Car Company and Petrol Industry Conspiracy to Kill Good Gas Mileage

GM crushed their own creation. Possibly the most fuel efficient car of its type, ever. GM then brought them out to the desert to crush them. Maybe they were too good. The GM car was super powerful, it is an innovation marvel, kept from the public.

Who Killed The Electric Car-Part 1 (PBS)

Text with video:
NOW, a weekly magazine from PBS (Public Broadcasting Service - interviewed Chris Paine, the director of his first feature documentary-"Who Killed the Electric Car?".

As a GM EV1 electric car user from 1998-2003, his EV1 was taken back by GM (for some reason only God know) after the lease period was due & he has NO OPTION to buy it. This kind of puzzled him as to why the creator killed its own creation, which has received good response from the users. The EV1 has been on the road in California from 1996 to meet the tight clean air regulations.

Why do we need redundant hybrid when Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) electric car has proven itself ? 2006-NOW-PBS.

Timeline of Electric Car-
Chris's Bio-

After watching the above, would you say that "Foul Play" was involved?

Who Killed The Electric Vehicle-Part 2

Who Killed The Electric Car-Part 3

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