Thursday, December 06, 2007

Connecticut DCF Wrecking Christmas

Families aren't laughing at this Connecticut Department of Children and Families style, Joke

I spent 2 and a half hours with Donald Christmas of Lincoln St., Thompsonville Connecticut, a section of Enfield, CT. I know Donny from having been a landlord, going to the Enfield Property Owner's Association meetings, also attended by him. The story he told me, had I not known him for some time, I would just dismiss as the rantings of a lunatic. What Don told me, should be investigated.

Don's 2 children, younger than 6 are in a homeless shelter at your tax dollar expense nearing Christmas. Don would like to see them and to take care of them, but the retaliation system in Connecticut won't let that happen.

When I got out of prison, I met with Donny and other landlords that wanted to sue Connecticut and Police for violating our collective rights. I had been nearly mugged at night on my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, properties, pepper sprayed my assailant, and police were there to arrest only me, not my assailant. I was offered no deals in court and told to plead guilty and go to prison for a year and a half. I went to trial, which was fixed by Judge Jonathan Kaplan of Rockville Superior Court.

Donny told me tonight that the prostitute girlfriend of Enfield Police Officer Vegian (spelling?), was 14 at the time not 16, attacked Donny in front of this family and only Donny faced a year and a half in prison, no deals. I intend on contacting the Enfield PD. I wonder if this allegation is true and if other officers knew and were, or are, possibly involved in Felonious statutory rape. The Enfield Officer that arrested and stalked Donny was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident in an alleged prostitute and drug section of a downtown.

I testified at a Judiciary Committee meeting regarding the antics of Judge Howard Scheinblum [post with pics] of the Enfield Superior Court and what Scheinblum had been doing regarding the Christmas case then. Enfield PD would follow Donny around and get him fired from jobs around town, at least 3, telling his boss to fire Donny, "Or else."

Well after I testified, Donny' charges were dropped and the Enfield PD laid off. Sounds like an admission of official guilt, right?

Donny told me that his wife was neglecting the 2 kids and his parents had contacted DCF. Mr. Christmas told me that if your wife neglects your kids, the husband can be arrested even if he is 16 miles away and not present during an event of neglect. His wife plead out to avoid jail, losing the kids, fines, and other problems. Donny plead not guilty, so he wasn't allowed to see his kids even after they were eventually taken away from his wife.

A 23 year old African American allegedly brought a Qur'an to Donny's house and Donny took offense about being told to study the Qur'an. The man also allegedly told Donny that Black men are better caretakers of White Children as Black men should be with White Women, and that White men would not know how to give care to Black Children. Donny claimed his kids contracted ringworm in an African American foster care household. Donny claims that the DCF worker's behavior with his kids and his wife, "crossed the line," and that the worker acted as his wife's lawyer in court.

Donald Christmas claimed a female DCF worker doing an evaluation asked Donny if he like Hillary Clinton, and Donny informed her that he was a Republican supporting George W. Bush and the war in Iraq. Donny claimed that the DCF worker became irate and gave Donny a bad evaluation. If Donny agreed to vote for Hillary, would he now have his kids with him?

Donny may soon lose his kids permanently as they may be adopted out. The courts in Connecticut are less than ethical. Official lying, retaliation, and obstruction of justice is more the rule, than the exception. Donald Christmas may have spent and have lost earnings in the excess of $30,000 over this judicial abuse and DCF misconduct. He is two payments behind and heading towards foreclosure. Should tax dollars be use to abuse, take taxpayers off line, reduce the general quality of life, and to render the US Constitution as worthless toilet paper?

Connecticut is not safe to own property in, work in, raise a family in, to just drive through, or retire in.
-Steven G. Erickson

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Scam of the Courts, Supervised Visitation

This gentleman above testified at the Connecticut Supreme Court hearing on Ethics in Connecticut Courts 12-3-2007. He paid about a million and a half dollars to lawyers. What can lawyers possibly do to "earn" that amount in a divorce case? He has to have supervised visitation with his kids, the new Connecticut scam to rake in Federal Tax Dollars. This man's testimony is worth straining over listening to his rather meek voice.

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