Friday, December 14, 2007

Finding it rather strange

I don't have time to be on the Internet 24/7.

My access can be somewhat limited. Yesterday, for some reason I had trouble getting on this blog, my blog, but not other blogs. A message such as "page not found" and other error messages came up. Other times the blog would load slow or freeze.

The computer would not stay on the internet. I then used another computer with a different way on to the web. After I tried to visit my blog, that computer locked up.

Another strange occurrence happened also, yesterday. I posted this video [click here] and for some reason only the first 25 seconds of a 16 minute plus video would play and end like a video normally would. It happened over and over, so it was not a one time glitch. Two Judicial Branch employees let the cat out of the bag regarding the Judicial Branch in Connecticut being a corrupt, hostile work environment, the credibility and utility of the entire Connecticut Judicial Branch could be put under extreme scrutiny if the accusations of just two Judicial Branch employees is investigated.

Having two glitches on two different websites is strange, but maybe not so strange, because both are probably not liked by most police and members of the judiciary in Connecticut. I had complained to the Connecticut Governor's Office regarding the Connecticut Police Commissioner. Complaints against police, the commissioner, or laws citizens propose concerning police power are routinely given to the Connecticut State Police Commissioner. The Commissioner then can see to it the citizen's picture is distributed to departments to make sure the citizen is "taught a lesson".

When I was lodging complaints against police and the courts in Connecticut, the start of my political activism, my computer crashed permanently after emailing my accusations about former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada [post]. It was a $2000 plus desktop computer. I used my then tenant's computer, anew loaded Dell and continued my emailing about Spada and other police and judicial misconduct complaints. Her computer crashed and had to be loaded from scratch after receiving special disks from Dell. Had I not emailed on Spada, I believe that computer would have never have so severely crashed.

I received a laptop from my father. It worked fine and then when I started blogging and resuming my email complaints to legislators etc. That computer fried. I then got a new desktop computer and that fried. I got a laptop from my sister, a top of the line HP. It worked fine for insurance adjusting down in New Orleans. I came back to Connecticut and blogged about Connecticut corruption. That computer fried. I got a new HP, loaded, that new computer fried.

I recently got a used Dell, and that computer has been losing its functions. I have a new ACER Aspire, it worked fine until I used it to blog and to go after corrupt Connecticut judges and police.

A computer that I used up North, a desktop has crashed and been attacked as well as a laptop up there. Others have noticed the slow loading of my blogs and certain videos. The same thing happened when I was blogging on That server fried a number of times down in Atlanta Georgia. I was hiding from Connecticut State Police retaliation and the house I was in received a power surge and the furnace, microwave, and other devices all over the house fried. At about the same time, Chris Kennedy has a power surge at his house and lost the controls for his furnace, computers, televisions, microwave and other devices. All around the same time, coincidence, I think not.

The Connecticut State Police and the Department of Administration Services in Connecticut might act as a domestic spying organization, sifting at well through private and business computers, intercepting phone calls at will, and doing covert surveillance on citizens.

I was put on almost 24 hour surveillance by the Connecticut State Police after I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police in Connecticut to State Sen. Tony Guglielmo and former Rep. Mordasky. Mordasky's aid, Rosemarie, told me I should sell my properties and leave Connecticut ASAP as she told me the police liaison to legislators told her I was going to pay a severe price for proposing laws police didn't like and for being critical of police and the courts, what I thought was protected behavior under the 1st Amendment.

Ken Krayeske

So you can be arrested and end up in prison for political activities and testing Free Speech, not necessarily committing any crimes. The Ken Krayeske [post] incident exposed the use and abuse of the Connecticut State Police, "Enemies List" to covertly target citizens and to retaliate against those that dare to expose police, judicial, and official misconduct.

A Judge knowingly allowed a felon on probation, David J. Taylor, who stabbed 3 people, almost killing a US Marine, Stephen Murzin, stabbing him 13 times. [post with videos] Police Officers had paid police informant Todd Vashon $10,000 cash previously, and Vashon dropped a dime on police when he got cold feet. The officers were not prosecuted for their murder for hire plot.

A married woman was offered $10,000 to set me up for a false arrest and police beating. [more]

Would you call Connecticut, "An American State"?

[click here] for all of my videos.

-Steven G. Erickson

* * * *
* * * *

Ritt Goldstein assembled a panel of international experts on Civilian Oversight of Police and spoke at the Hartford Connecticut Legislative Building in front of legislators, a special hearing:

Ritt soon afterward so terrorized by police he fled to Sweden to seek political asylum.

Former Norwalk Connecticut Mayor Bill Collins also spoke at that meeting. His house was vandalized by police and they would throw their empty beer bottles up on his porch. Police in Norwalk would wear ski masks, abduct citizens, and beat them and interrogate them at abandoned warehouses.

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