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Panamanian General Manuel Noriega

For many Americans, the first time they heard the word PSYOP was in conjunction with the final stages of Operation Just Cause. They watched on television as a group of PSYOP soldiers played deafening rock music, 24 hours a day, over loudspeakers that ringed the Vatican Embassy compound where General Noriega had taken refuge. The siege continued until General Manuel Noriega couldn't take it anymore and surrendered. It is unfortunate that this is what most Americans remember of PSYOP in Panama because in actuality, the role played by PSYOP in Operation Just Cause far outweighed the music playing outside the Vatican Embassy which was highlighted by the press.

PSYOP contingency planning and preparation for hostilities in Panama began years before Operation Just Cause. PSYOP materials to include prerecorded TV, radio and loudspeaker tapes were developed, radio and loudspeaker scripts were prepared, and possible themes and designs were identified for printed materials. The Commander for the 1st Psychological Operations Battalion, the battalion with area responsibility for Panama, was designated Commander of the PSYOP Task Force in the event hostilities should arise. They didn't have to wait long.

During the spring of 1988 Noriega increased his anti-American propaganda and directed his troops to harass US Forces. The US responded by adding additional security elements which included, military police, another infantry brigade and three PSYOP loudspeaker teams.

As the duration of the hostilities was unknown, the 4th PSYOP Group took advantage of the situation by rotating loudspeaker teams in order to give them real world on site training to virtually all team members. As tensions ignited, the loudspeaker teams found themselves supporting the US security forces against staged protests by members of the Panama Defense Force (PDF) and Dignity Battalions (DIGBAT). In each case the loudspeaker teams proved their worth utilizing pre-recorded tapes and scripts that later would be invaluable during Operation Just Cause.

In May of 1989, Noriega nullified the presidential elections after Guillermo Endara was elected President. This action further contributed to worsening internal conditions as well as international relations. This heightened unrest in the country signaled that a combat scenario might be required after all. [more]

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US. World Police can go to another country, pull psychological terrorism, arrest the leader of another country, and change leadership for political reasons?

Well, this policy carries over to Americans living in America. Americans can be targets of police actions and covert psychological operations.

You need not commit any crime at all, just trying to redress grievances to your elected officials can get you falsely arrested and falsely imprisoned after a kangaroo trial. You will be put under surveillance, you will be a target, police will perjure themselves, manufacture evidence, follow you around, threaten and terrorize you. Yes, Americans in America are living in fear just testing the First Amendment.


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How do Connecticut State Police treat each other? [click here]

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