Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Role of a State's Attorney General

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal ignored [this letter] even when a US Congressman called and wrote in for an answer to it. No phone call or letter was received in reply. Should a State's Attorney General be about making sure that laws are followed or to run interference to see that a State and officials aren't, rightly, sued for violating citizens rights and breaking the law?

Should Blumethal, Governor M. Jodi Rell, John G. Rowland, former Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada, Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers, William J. Sullivan, and others be subject to [these laws]?

Should a citizen like John Dibiase, Jr., get protection and help from Blumenthal, not the agencies and officials, that abuse families and children? [video story]

Should citizens that have been wronged by a rogue judge be helped? [video story]

[click here] for the Judicial Branch scam on taxpayers.

[click here] for my letter to the Washington DC FBI

Rules and laws haven't been followed by judges and Connecticut courts regarding the ADA since about 1980. If judges aren't acting Constitutionally and aren't following rules should any of their rulings be considered valid? Maybe that is why Bill Mulready's case was just thrown out. [more]

Judges in Connecticut can ignore laws and rules regarding limited liability corporations, known as "LLC", judges will rule on cases even though they don't have jurisdiction, and will retaliate against citizens that handle their cases pro se. Just ask Francis C. P. Knize. [video of testimony]

As a landlord, I didn't want to pay $2000/month to pay for 3 prostitutes to have free lodging, electricity, and heat, when I had no interest in supporting the criminals that a prosecutor and police thought I should and just "shut up about it". I, later, was prosecuted by the prosecutor, Keith Courier, who had told me not to file against prostitute, Lana Thompson, or he'd see to it that I was arrested and prosecuted. Donald L. Christmas did not want 3 prostitutes to have free lodging in his rental properties against the wishes of police. Donny, also, was arrested and faced prison, no deals, for being attacked on his property. [video]

The reasons police, judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, legislators, the governor and aids, DCF, and other officials don't break ranks as they will also receive "blanket retaliation". Kristine Blake, a worker for the Connecticut Department of Retardation had false allegations made about her to the Manchester PD. The false accusers and the officers involved in a conspiracy never faced punishment. If Blake didn't have a passport stamped to prove she was out of the country at the time, she would have been railroaded to prison as a felon. [video 1] [video 2]

A Hartford Police Officer's young teen son was allegedly abducted by police, and allegedly strangled to death by a Connecticut State Police Officer, and then revived, as part of retaliation and a conspiracy to obstruct justice, intimidate witnesses, and cover up for police misconduct. [video]

Former Norwalk Connecticut Mayor Bill Collins talks about police officers throwing beer bottles on his porch and vandalizing his house, testifying in front of a special legislative committee in Hartford. Police retaliated for Collins complaining that citizens were being abducted, beaten, and interrogated in abandoned warehouses by police officers wearing ski masks. [video]

Richard "Ritt" Goldstein assembled international experts on Civilian Oversight of Police, and testified at a special hearing in front of legislators at the Capitol Building in Hartford:

Ritt soon after was so terrorized by Connecticut police that he fled the US to seek political asylum in Sweden. What does that say about Connecticut police, the courts, the Attorney General, the legislature, and Governor of Connecticut?

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