Monday, December 10, 2007

Will I be writing a letter to Governor M. Jodi Rell when she goes to prison?

Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell

Would the letter I write to Jodi be like the one I wrote to former Governor John G. Rowland?
[that letter]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kidnapped , Extorted , Medically Negligent,

As agreed with Milford Court judge Hon. J. Cronan to plead guilty to DUI under Alfred doctrine for closure of 2+ year accident case , despite reasonable doubt and no funds to pursue my innocence by trial. I am currently on S.S.D. and suffer from an array of problems. The pending case had caused me to be treated by my psychiatrist for anxiety. My lawyer Vito Castignoli and I gave Judge Cronan a copy of my current medical treatment records to be forwarded to BCCC (Bridgeport Correctional Center), as my medical wellbeing was assured as part of the agreement to settle my case. Upon a 30 day (non-mandatory) sentence agreed on at Bridgeport Correctional Center, my medical files did arrive. Despite the medical records , I was told that I shouldn't have committed a crime if I wanted medical attention . I will submit detailed daily records concerning medical and all other medical violations. I want to report that treatment of prisoners with the already known overcrowding was less than animals some of us have. After my Furlough on 11/09/2007, I was not going to pursue civil proceeding against the State of Ct for Medical Abuse , Abuse of overcrowding or other negligent possibilities . I was extracted from my home by Parole officers during 2 weeks of Furlough on 11/28/2007 without any paperwork, warrant , search warrant, judges order, etc... , for a Bridgeport Correctional Center mistake . According to Parole officers (who's jurisdiction I was not under) claim that I needed to pay $1000 fine . I contested that my lawyer gave Hon. Cronan confirmation of an indigent report to be filed with the court on return and that the fine wasn't even listed in the Judges Sentence and probation order which itemizes the sentence with additional conditions. I need to show that Connecticut Correctional facilities are abusing prisoners with Medical Negligence, Overcrowding, Hygiene , and other illegal activities . They are a for profit organization and the profits are being maximized by not treating the prisoners in a legal, humane way and do as they please , ignorant of any governing statutes . Basically on 11/28/2007 I was Kidnapped , taken to jail , and extorted for $1000 my wife had to borrow the $1000 as she was worried of me being medically mistreated for another 8 days in jail , I was threatened with. I have all evidences and will help any efforts to expose corrupted ,abused statutes in Connecticut . Sincerely, Anthony G. Crouse Sr. (203)932-8939 or E-mail responses.

Unavailable, unreasonable, inhumane treatment in Bridgeport Correctional Center.

Monday, October 29th 2007 Entered BCCC infirmary. 23hr. Lockdown, 1 hour to shower. Wouldn’t provide Bi-pap machine for sleeping, no medications, no counselor, no phone calls, no orientation, no doctor and no sleep. (Fear of choking without bi-pap machine.) Medications not given Strattera 18mg. Propranolol Tri-cor

Tuesday, October 30th 2007 23hr. Lockdown, 1 hour to shower. Again no Bi-pap machine, no medications, no phone, no counselor, no doctor, no sleep, no orientation, no response to emergency bi-pap condition. (Doctor took this day off, no alternate)

Wednesday, October 31st 2007 23hr. Lockdown, 1 hour to shower. No Bi-pap machine, no medications, no phone, no counselor, no sleep, no orientation. In afternoon seen doctor and transferred to gym overcrowding. Complained to a lieutenant . They had my wife bring my Bi-pap machine into BCCC and I was transferred back to the infirmary. There was still none of my prescribed medications being given to me. The 2 psychiatric medications I am on can cause Stroke, paralysis and an array of life threatening conditions from removing my medications from me so instantly, according to my psychiatrist. Hon. J. Cronan was given a copy of my medical records to forward to BCCC by my lawyer Vito Castignoli . I was assured by the Court that BCCC has handled all medical situations and has medical treatment to accommodate my stay.
BCCC Infirmary’s explanation was that they are not the Milford Court and that I should have thought about my medical before committing a crime.

Thursday, November 1st 2007 Transferred to Memorial 2, bed 36 Propranolol was finally given 2 times daily, normally used 3 times daily. Strattera and tricor have not been given at all. They kept telling me there is no generic alternative to these medications. This was their only response to my medical records and conditions. I Did get a phone pin# but couldn’t call home the entire stay do to having Comcast Cablevision. Evidently Comcast won’t handle BCCC ‘s MCI world com carrier. BCCC wouldn’t let me call home to inform my wife I was alright the entire stay. No counselor, no orientation, no change of clothes, underwear.

Friday, November 2nd 2007 Finally seen a counselor. He excuses all abuses like no underwear, no sox, no t-shirt, toothpaste, toothbrush, change of clothes etc… He tells me I should have gone home on a Furlough today but since they transferred me around, I couldn’t get my furlough until Wednesday , Nov 7th 2007 So I told him that I was concerned for my medical situation, medications not given, and that the furlough was second to my medical wellbeing, since I could die from not having them. He called my wife and told her I would be furloughed on Wednesday, Nov 7th 2007. I asked if I could tell my wife that I was managing but he refused. No strattera, no tri-cor , no orientation.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday November 3, 4, 5th 2007 Waiting for medications, furlough etc… No phone, no prescribed meds, no counselor, no change of clothes, underwear, t-shirt, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, no prescribed medications except propranolol and short 1 dose. Haven’t had orientation since being incarcerated. Normally, having orientation happens on arrival.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday November 6,7,8th 2007 Total Jail Lockdown Condition. Nobody in or out. In bed form 3 days and nights . Had to eat in bed. No counselor, no hygiene items as listed above. Just no nothing and 3 days without showers.
Quite surprisingly had orientation early Tuesday 6th 2007 morning before lockdown began.

Friday, November 9th 2007 Furloughed out . I was able to go home and 2access my medications they would not let me bring into BCCC. I experience anxiety during my stay and had Anxiety attacks at different times. I was not a risk to BCCC as my case had been continued for over 2 years . I plead guilty under the Alfred Doctrine only for closure and to appease the court because I didn’t have the monies to go to trial and prove that I was innocent. I maintain that I have more than reasonable doubt and if I had the monies I could have shown the jury these questionable differences. Part of deciding to a deal with the Judge was that I would be taken care of medically in BCCC.

Wednesday 11/28/2007 Home rushed, Kidnapped , Extorted

Wednesday, 11/28/2007 2 Parole officers and 2 West Haven police rushed into my home after I answered the door. They told me BCCC made a mistake letting me out on furlough and they had to bring me back to jail. I asked for paperwork from the Judge, a search warrant, arrest warrant or any legal documentation of this intrusion. I was told that I was supposed to go to Court from BCCC to pay a fine before being released. I answered that my lawyer told Hon. J. Cronan that an indigent report would be submitted as I am on S.S.Disability. This was agreed to by the Judge and a fine was never listed on the Hon. J. Cronans , Order of probation , which highlights and itemizes the statutes, sentence, probation, additional conditions /orders of probation because he accepted the indigent report my attorney would provide. The judge accepted this as he closed out my case an sent me to BCCC. Attached is a copy of the Judges order given to me by the court and again by my probation officer signed 10/29/2007. Anthony G. Crouse Sr. (203)932-8939

Wednesday, December 12, 2007 8:22:00 PM  

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