Monday, January 21, 2008

6'5" Homeland Security Goon fired from gig at Seymour, Connecticut, High School?

I have the word from a reliable source that Kearns has been let go from his duty as a Homeland Security operative at the Seymour, CT, High.

Did the below youtube videos have anything to do with Kearns being fired?

Homeland Security arrests kid over stolen sandwich at school

Text with video:
There are police officers and Homeland Security operatives in High Schools such as in Seymour, Connecticut. Parent Stephen Murzin talks about police and Homeland Security Officer abusing kids in schools. Stephen Murzin fears being arrested when he attends a school committee meeting in Seymour Connecticut next Monday. The Homeland Security Officer told Murzin that citizen aren't to question Homeland Security and Police procedures in schools and if he calls the school or comes on school property he will be arrested.

A boy was very hungry and stole a sandwich wrap. The boy was taunted by the police officer and Homeland Security Officer asking the boy, "Aren't you hungry, would you like a bite of this sandwich." So the officers were "tampering with evidence."

Instead of kids getting detentions and even suspensions for passing notes and taking food without permission, children and teens are being arrested by Homeland Security and Police in schools. Seymour, CT, High is in an average town and is primarily White. Kids and teens are being interrogated, harassed, ridiculed, and have their rights abused by police and Homeland Security.

Should 13 year old girls be pulled into a room with a police officer and a 6'5" Homeland Security Officer to explain passing notes, asked if they are lesbians, and then arrested for assault if they lunge forward to rip up papers on a desk, the "evidence". Is it believable that a huge man would fear a little 13 year old lunging forward to rip up papers to want her arrested for assaulting a Homeland Security Officer?

Do we pay our taxes so that more and more rights are taken away and so more thugs can investigate us, interrogate us, arrest, and imprison more and more citizens.

What lessons are these kids learning about Freedom, Free Speech, and America?

More information:

Homeland Security routing out 13 y/o "Lesbians" in schools?

Text with video:
Homeland Security routing out 13 y/o "Lesbians" in schools? Parent Stephen Murzin talks about the goings on in Seymour, Connecticut, High School.


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