Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Arrest for taking below picture of CT Gov. Rell?

Is this what Official Connecticut would like to do with citizens that complain about Governor Rell, official corruption, police misconduct in Connecticut, Courts, and Judicial Misconduct?

Kenneth Krayeske took the above digital picture of M. Jodi Rell last January and was promptly arrested at his picture and information was distributed among Connecticut State Police, town, and city officers. Krayeske was a target for political reasons and was put on the Connecticut State Police "Secret Enemies List", and was arrested for a bunch of trumped up charges [post on Krayeske and the Enemies List]. Is anyone safe in Connecticut if they are active politically against the powerful, the elite, the connected?

I had planned on taking a picture, like the one above. I probably was number one on the list, if not, right up there, probably past Krayeske. Should citizens in Connecticut be falsely arrested and held as political prisoners for being on an "Enemies List"?

Is the National ID program with "chipped" drivers licenses the end of Freedom as we know it? [click here for more]

Thomas Thü Hürlimann
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2 Connecticut State Police Officers paid this informant, Todd Vashon, $10,000 to kill a US Marine for having lodged a police misconduct complaint. Todd Vashon speaks:

The US Marine had witnessed Phillip Inkel being beaten up by police officers at the Colchester Connecticut McDonald's. Phil Inkel was beaten up for having lodged a police misconduct complaint for witnessing a teen being beaten up by police for wearing baggy pants at that same McDonald's. Phil Inkel speaks:

Former US Marine Stephen Murzin talks about his brother Ian being allegedly strangled to death by a Connecticut State Police Officer and then revived. Murzin also talks about Homeland Security Officers detaining and interrogating young teen girls for passing notes in schools, asking them if they are lesbians. The Homeland Security Officer at the Seymour Connecticut High School investigated a case of a stolen sandwich wrap out of the school cafeteria. Stephen Murzin talks about all of this and more:

Stephen Murzin was stabbed 13 times by David J. Taylor. Stephen was arrested for waking up with stab wounds in the hospital for creating a disturbance being stabbed. Taylor is a felon police informant on probation at the time he stabbed Murzin almost to death, also stabbing 2 bystanders. A Connecticut Judge decided that Taylor should not even be violated on probation for almost killing 3 people. [click here for proof]

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[click here] Would the Connecticut State Police, Connecticut Judge, a prosecutor, and Attorney Michael H. Agranoff conspire to railroad a homeowner to prison for having complained about prostitutes, vandals, and other crime to elected officials and in newspapers?

2 Connecticut Judicial Branch employees blow the whistle on Judicial Corruption, a Hostile Work Environment, and how Court Files and Hard Drives are tampered with in Connecticut's "Lack of Security and Ethics" Courts [video]

The Connecticut State Police terrorized me out of these properties, two Troopers committed perjury at a rigged trial heard by Rockville Superior Court Judge, Jonathan J. Kaplan, and I was railroaded to prison for resisting being mugged in my own dark driveway. My former properties:

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