Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Big Buy - Tom Delay's Stolen Congress

I think this movie explains why our government is so fucked up. It is easy to follow and the proof is explained and credible.

This information was found [here]:

About the Actor
Mark Birnbaum is a veteran producer, director, editor and cameraman. With partner Jim Schermbeck, Birnbaum is the director/producer of the critically acclaimed documentary Larry v. Lockney, which chronicles Texas cotton farmer Larry Tannahill’s fight against mandatory drug testing in his son's school. The film made its broadcast premiere on the PBS program P.O.V., and will air later this year on LinkTV.

Jim Schermbeck is a native Texan with a life long passion for politics and film. He worked for over two decades as a community organizer, focusing on environmental health issues in the Dallas Fort Worth area. While fighting to keep Dallas free of toxic waste, Schermbeck pursed filmmaking in his spare time and volunteered to work on campaigns for both reform Democratic and Republican candidates.

Product Description
"By the time we finish this poker game, there may not be a federal government left! Which would suit me just fine." -Tom DeLay, 1994

In a stunning 1994 interview, shortly after the now infamous Republican revolution, Tom DeLay sat down and laid out his vision for America: to destroy the Department of Education, HUD, OSHA, the NEH, the NEA, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. His self-stated goal was to "completely redesign government."

The Big Buy: Tom DeLay's Stolen Congress is the story of how he did just that. It's the story of one of the most blatant power grabs in American history, and how a District Attorney in Texas turned out to be the biggest threat to the national DeLay Machine. The film is a warning about how easy it is for American democracy to be hijacked by a combination of relentless ambition and corporate millions. It makes the case that DeLay built a "custom-made Congress" that is still providing votes for his agenda.

Teaser from DVD:

A bigger tease:

Corporatism, The US Corporations have bought the US Government away from Citizens


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