Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lawyers have no Free Speech Rights

I interview Massachusetts Attorney Barbara Johnson by telephone. She is a former candidate for Mass Governor. Johnson put up a website, telling about what really goes on with judges and in the courts, and judges were so pissed off Barbara was threatened with being disbarred and put in jail if she didn't take down the website.

She was disbarred and put in prison.

Connecticut Rockville Superior Court Judge Jonathan Kaplan and others objected to Johnson's website, banding together to ruin her financial, seeing her disbarred, and trying to silence her.

Judge Jonathan Kaplan goes after lawyers or any other citizens that complains about judges or wants to sue them. It is about retaliation.

It seems that attorneys that actually serve their client against the wishes of the judges, prosecutors, police, and the organized crime figures in the governor's office and legislature, the lawyer can be disbarred and thrown in prison.

Yes, there are political prisoners being held in the US, everyday. I just objected to having prostitutes around, near, and on my property against the wishes of police, more:


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