Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Police Informants allowed to drive illegally

If you are a police informant you are allowed to drive your improper vehicle without plates, insurance, inspection, and a driver's license if you beat up people and terrorize them out of towns for police. [This disturbing video] is how things have worked and still work.

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Hartford Courant piece about the Connecticut State Police:

Excerpt: Sgt. Andrew Crumbie squarely placed responsibility for alleged racism within the state police on his department's top administration during a state legislative hearing Tuesday, saying the same people have been in charge of the agency for years.

During the hearing before members of the legislature's black and Latino caucus over allegations of racism within the state police and the Department of Correction, Crumbie said changes can only be made from the top down.

"The people in charge of this agency are the very same people who have had complaints of racism lodged against them," Crumbie said. "These very same people are advising this new commissioner. If you are dipping into a well of dirty water, you are going to get dirty water every time." [more]

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Police informants are used to continue separate and unequal. Police target citizens using police informants, they are often terrorized out of their homes, out of town, out of the state. An example of the Connecticut State Police secret "Enemies List" [click here]

Police hire informants to kill citizens [click here] for more.


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