Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sex and Violence Junkies

Should Police Officers be giving into urges wanting their “pee-pee” taken care of, even when they are on duty, paid with taxpayer dollars?

Allegations Link Police, Prostitutes

Staff And Wire Reports, The Hartford Courant
January 9, 2008

MADISON [Connecticut]— - The Madison Police Commission is reviewing allegations that several town police officers working the midnight shift have rendezvoused with prostitutes while on duty.

It's the third time in less than a year the commission has been called on to look into allegations of criminal misconduct against officers in the Madison Police Department.

The latest allegations surfaced Monday during a disciplinary hearing by the commission for the midnight shift supervisor, Sgt. Timothy Heiden, who faces administrative sanctions stemming from his reported improper supervision of subordinate officers.

No criminal charges have been filed in the case involving prostitutes. However, officials say arrests are expected in the coming weeks. Heiden is not expected to face criminal charges.

The officers allegedly met with the prostitutes at several locations including the commuter parking lot off I-95 as well as behind a school and a shopping center.

Earlier alleged misconduct lead to criminal charges against Joseph Gambardella, who was fired as a police officer after evidence surfaced that he took roughly $900 worth of lobster meat from a local business.

Another officer, Bernard Durgin Jr., has been charged with illegally using police computers to gather information on women while working a private duty job. Durgin has been on unpaid leave since August after it was learned he was out at a New Haven bar after calling in sick for work.

The criminal charges against both are pending in Superior Court in New Haven.

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Do police officers in Connecticut expect rental property owners to house their prostitutes at the property owner's expense? Don Christmas evicted 3 prostitutes against the wishes of the Enfield PD:

Should a police officer that allegedly has sex with 14 year old girls and leaves the scenes of accidents while off-duty still be a police officer armed with a gun?

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Stafford Springs Connecticut Constable "Fat Frank" Prochaska thought he was more entitled to my wife that I met while traveling Europe than I was. Wanting youth crime addressed while talking at a Stafford Crime Watch meeting was an excuse for him to want to arrest me. He tried to coerce my then wife into making a false statement so he could falsely arrest me.

That didn't work so after I was beaten by a powder cocaine dealer so high on his own product that he thought I was an undercover police officer out to bust him. I had happened on him and his customers during my rounds, I called 911 and reported Peter Panciera for beating me and biting into my ear. I was bleeding down to my underwear when police arrived. Panciera fled the scene after I dialed 911.

Fat Frank only arrested me for being beaten, not Panciera for beating me and biting into my ear. [click here for more of the "Fat Frank", the cop, story]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't have faith in law enforcement. I learned my lesson about cops long ago I needed them and it was a total joke- after that I made it a point to avoid them and to never count on them for anything. Makes one feel really bad that no matter how bad things get, they don't care. I realize it probably sucks to be a cop, but it sucks worse to think they will actually help you or be on your side no matter how obvious it is they should. Then they wonder how people get on the news.

Friday, September 04, 2009 3:47:00 AM  

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