Saturday, January 05, 2008

Yuppies and Vodka Propaganda

I just read [this piece] in the Hartford Courant on vodka. The below is a comment I posted to the forum for that piece:

Vodka is vodka.

It doesn't matter what the alcohol is distilled from, it is just alcohol, there is no wheat or corn alcohol.

There are different types of alcohol that can be distilled. Some can kill you.

The one that people drink evaporates at a certain temperature. The coil coming off the distillation kettle, when measured comes off. As a young student we man Rum and distilled alcohol as part of my Honor Chemistry class.

The professor in the class said, "I don't want to see any of you drink." Dr. Brown then turned his back on us and walked into the back room.

I've been to the former USSR and have been to breweries and talked with distillers of vodka.

The secret to vodka is that with charcoal distilled alcohol blended with distilled water there should be no variation whatsoever between ANY brand of vodkas.

If you add a flavor to vodka, it is no longer really vodka and should be called something else. Flavors and additives are different, so I am not talking about that comparison.

I challenge anyone to know which vodka is which in a taste test with unlabeled glasses. Cheap vodka can be put into any extremely expensive bottle with a funnel and no one will no the difference.

Sometimes a container or the process will give vodka something. Sometimes you can taste the impurities of the container or the process, and then some discerning tasters can taste that, but without the "Yuppie Label" who is to know what is what, and what to reference.

There you go, another ridiculous myth exposed.


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