Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Donald Eugene Siegelman

Donald Eugene "Don" Siegelman (born February 24, 1946) is an American Democratic politician. He was the governor of Alabama from 1999 to 2003. Don Siegelman is the only person in the history of Alabama to be elected to serve in all four of the top statewide elected offices: Secretary of State, Attorney General, Lieutenant Governor and Governor. He served in Alabama politics for 26 years, winning his first election for the governorship with 57% of the vote, including over 90% of the African-American electorate.

He was defeated for reelection in November 2002 by Representative Bob Riley by the narrowest margin in Alabama history: approximately 3,000 votes. The margin was controversial, as a voting machine malfunction in a single county produced the votes needed to give Riley the election. The recount, however, of that county's votes was affirmed by the state's Attorney General.

In 2006, a Federal jury convicted Siegelman on corruption charges, and he was sentenced to seven years in prison. He is currently in the satellite camp of The Federal Detention Center in Oakdale, Louisiana. [1]

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This is how George W. Bush and Hillary Rodham Clinton stack the courts in their favor, so that there is unimpeded "back door" borrowing. [video]

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In America, there are probably going to be more and more political prisoners. Ordinary citizens, politicians ... anybody, now in America can be a target of malicious investigations, false arrests, and false imprisonment, just based on testing Free Speech, being politically active, or going to elected officials asking that police and the courts be cleaned up and act ethically.

A Democrat Governor in Alabama was taken down in "Republican country" because he was not a Republican. That is dirty. A partial CBS 60 Minutes piece.


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