Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Email, just received:

I am going to be on the the Fox Morning show- Thursday tomorrow morning, Feb 28. (The Mike and Juliette Show @ 9 am) Esta Varon and reporter Mary Garofalo will be on it, along with a lawyer (Jannine Pirro) to give people advice how they can avoid this situation. They are picking us up tonight and spend the night in NYC in a hotel (at their expense). This is a NATIONALLY BROADCASTED SHOW!!!!! Go to You can see the broadcast after the show through this link.

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I believe their issue is elder abuse. Imagine having an elderly parent drive through Connecticut. The parent gets sick, goes to the hospital, and Connecticut Lawyers and Judges conspire to commit the parent to a mental hospital, drug her or him up, and appoint a lawyer to "act in the best interest" of your parent. Then the lawyers split the "booty" of cash and assets, denying the adult children their inheritance and in having any quality with an ailing/dying parent.

If Official Connecticut treats elders like this, breaks up families, and imprisons as many citizens as possible for Federal Tax Dollar Profits and committing fraud, imagine what else they are capable of.

Check the comments section of [this post] for what I am talking about.


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