Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hunting Citizens on the Police "Secret Enemies" List

The Connecticut State Police and the Connecticut Department of Administrative Services are allegedly running a Domestic Spying Ring. Homeland Security funds are being abused, [click here] for a post with video of Ken Krayeske talking with Dennis Kucinich.

Law Student and Journalist Kenneth Krayeske took this below picture of Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell and since he was on the Connecticut State Police "Secret Enemies" List, he was arrested on sight.

Kreyeske vehicle description, address, contacts, and other information was widely distributed to various police departments at role call. Ken was a target to be taken out. He was to be arrested, and the charges could be put in place after sighting him.

[click here for past post on Ken Krayeske, former Green Party campaign manager for the candidate for Governor, Cliff Thornton]

Ken Krayeske had a lot of support, he is to be an attorney. Lawyers and legislators, which are mostly lawyers, were outraged on what happened to Ken.

No one would have known about the Connecticut State Police secret "Enemies List", had in not been for Ken Krayeske. If Ken was an average citizen, he would have just been railroaded to prison and no one would be the wiser.

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Dennis Kucinich Dennis Kucinich

[click here] for Wikipedia post on Kucinich. [click here] for post where Kucinich talks with Ken Krayeske


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