Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Math catches up

Will there be a time that the Statue of Liberty should face the other direction?

Sooner or later, the math catches up.

Many Americans say they live in the greatest country in the world.

Math might prove them wrong.

Where is the dollar as compared to other currencies? What is the trend?

Are some Americans considering other countries to make more money, have a better quality of life, and bringing up children in an intact family?

If lawyers can legislate money in their pockets, they will. They have the power, and a monopoly on money in the US. How much do you have in cash and assets? Well, if you get a divorce, a lawyer expects to take as much of it as possible by any mean necessary.

Judicial misconduct is why the economy in America is tanking and why there was a ground war in Iraq. If the courts are fixed, everything else is, also.

We live in modern times. There is no real way to overthrow a modern super power by force. There is only voting with your back. If citizens are willing to leave the US in numbers, if there isn't improvements, that might be the only force against a possible overwhelming tide.

Demand what our forefathers promised. If there isn't delivery, vote with your back, and don't look back.

Florence Owens Thompson
Dorothea Lang. Destitute peapickers in California; a 32 year old mother of seven children. 1936. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Migration out of the US at one point, exceeded, immigration in, during the Great Depression.


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