Monday, February 18, 2008

RFID chips

US - Electronic monitoring of motorists will soon expand dramatically as states including Arizona, Michigan, Vermont and Washington begin to use radio frequency identification (RFID) chips in drivers’ licenses. These electronic chips broadcast the identity of any card holder to any chip-reading sensor within a minimum of thirty feet. The US Department of Homeland Security is promoting the tracking projects as part of its Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative.

“Multiple cards can be read at a distance and simultaneously with vicinity RFID technology, allowing an entire car full of people to be processed at once,” a DHS fact sheet on the Passport Card technology explained. [more]

[click here] for how Police target citizens on their secret "Enemies List", Ken Krayeske was the campaign manager for the Green Party candidate for Governor in Connecticut. Police passed his photo and information around at roll call to arrest him on sight.

[click here] for my Jan. 1, 2008 post on this subject

My attempt at humor and my take on where we are heading and where we have been [click here]

Police will pay informants $10,000 to kill citizens that make police misconduct complaints. [video and more] The citizen abuse possible using RFID chips to covertly track citizens is unimaginable.

Confidential Informants acting as Domestic Terrorists

RFID chips will allow police to be easier prey to thugs. The thug in this video even beat up cops for other cops.

[click here] for my email to US Vermont Senator Patrik Leahy

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