Saturday, March 08, 2008

Appointing those who help cover up and retaliate?

file photo Kevin J. O'Connor
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The below text was typed in Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy's website constituent web form:

I understand the Senate Judiciary Committee is voting on the nomination of Connecticut US Attorney Kevin J. O'Connor to US Department of Justice. Please review this and consider putting a stop to it.

O'Connor is allegedly connected in many ways to the former Connecticut Governor, John G. Rowland, who was put in prison for corruption and taking bribes, now currently working again as he economic development coordinator for Waterbury, CT, a position just "made up" so Rowland could get about a $100,000/year paycheck [blog post], a reward for being a "Good Ole Boy" and not turning others in.

Rowland was known, affectionately as "Johnny" to both Presidents, Bush. O'Connor doesn't seem interested in following up on complaints of public corruption and civil rights violations of citizens such as myself, Steven G. Erickson, Christopher Kennedy [video], Kathleen Dickson [video of public corruption and fraud accusations], and a host of others. Will O'Connor run interference so criminals like George W. Bush and Richard Cheney are immune from prosecutions and so that whistle blowers and complaining citizens are retaliated against?

Please do something to end the "State of Fear" government in the US. The American people have less to fear from terrorists than they do from their current American government. The people of Vermont have spoken, will you please see that Bush and Cheney are arrested, extradited, and prosecuted for treason and other crimes here in Vermont.

Your constituents have spoken load and clear.

I shot [video] of Vermont citizens and their opinions and am posting this letter to you with active links, here:

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Will Police in America abuse citizens if the "Internal Passport", chipped driver's licenses equiped with GPS locators become national law? [more]

This is the propaganda that will be used to sell America a Police State

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