Saturday, March 29, 2008

A War on Freedom for Profit

Bush's Petro-Cartel Almost Has Iraq's Oil

By Joshua Holland, AlterNet.

Iraqi oil is close to the surface and easy to extract, making it all the more profitable. James Paul, executive director of the Global Policy Forum, points out that oil companies "can produce a barrel of Iraqi oil for less than $1.50 and possibly as little as $1, including all exploration, oil field development and production costs." Contrast that with other areas where oil is considered cheap to produce at $5 per barrel or the North Sea, where production costs are $12 to $16 per barrel. [more]

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Bush proposes financial regulation overhaul

Plan would expand powers of Federal Reserve

[Associated Press story from yesterday]

Yeah, that will be great, dishonest bankers, war corporations, drug companies, politicians, CIA, NSA, FBI, law enforcement, the courts, and organized crime, all policing themselves.

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Can you see the Bush Regime just relinquishing power and profits?

[click here] for full, 1 hour 40 min version of the above

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Are the Connecticut State Police and other police out to protect drug dealing territory, prostitution, and organized crime, going after citizens that connect the dots? [video]

Armed Thugs, The Connecticut State Police [post]

Thugs beat citizens for police [google video]

Masked Police Beat/Abduct Citizens [youtube video]

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Will Americans have to have "Internal Passports" RFID GPS locater Driver's Licenses? [more]

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