Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Do you really know what this country is all about?"

-William "Bill" Cooper

I would be surprised if there hasn't been a movie made or is being made about this guy.

Cooper was well known in the HAM radio world, he would broadcast live 5 days a week for an hour. His following grew and grew. He was in the Air Force Strategic Air Command and later was an intelligence officer in the Navy.

He claims he saw an alien craft come out of the ocean, while on duty on a Navy ship, and then it flew up into the air. Something, I had hoped wouldn't be subject matter he'd be dealing with, as I heard a small clip of him warning of a US government conspiracy and the blowing up of the World Trade Towers and some of the details before it happened. He was shot to death shortly after 9-11.

I like to believe only what I see with my own eyes, have documented proof of, or that can be scientifically or logically proven. After viewing the series I have questions about what he knew about standard government corruption.

I have little time, and too often, little patience. I took the time to listen to all 9 parts of the video, which I believe, total an hour, plus or minus.

Whether you believe in alien life or not, view this series to understand what happens to those that have an alternative view and an "insider" status.

[p2] [p3] [p4] [p5]
[p6] - September 11th segment
[p7] [p8] [p9]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cooper was not a HAM operator. He was well known in the shortwave community. He was on WBCQ, WRNO and WRMI at various times throughout the days he broadcast the Hour of the Time Radio show which was also aired on WWCR.

Saturday, December 10, 2011 5:42:00 PM  

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