Sunday, March 30, 2008

Hot Dog stealing Cop

Cop Accused Of Stealing Hot Dogs Gets Fired

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) ― A Bridgeport police officer accused of stealing hot dogs from a courthouse concession stand has been fired.

Officer Murphy Pierce has been accused of stealing hot dogs from a vendor starting in late 2006 and later trying to tamper with witnesses in the case when the vendor complained.

A panel of police commissioners has signed off on the decision to fire Pierce. The board says the intimidation began in September 2006 when Pierce approached Michael Pinto, who operates the "Snappy Dog" concession stand near the courthouse.

The panel says Pinto feared losing his permit for the stand because the Police Department oversees that function.

Pierce has denied all the charges. [this piece, found here]

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Are Connecticut Judicial Branch Managers steering contracts for cleaning contracts at the Bridgeport Superior Court to friends and family? Are computer hard drives at the court being tampered with, erased, and false information added to court computers? Are judges in Connecticut hiring women as "supervisors" where the only real duty is servicing Connecticut judges? Well, two insiders, judicial branch employees blow the whistle:

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[click here] for US Terrorizing Terrorist Police

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Jacob Kramer, 21, gets arrested in Danbury Connecticut for chirping his tires leaving a Dunkin Donuts. Police beat him in lock up for not sitting down on the bench in the cell. [video and post]


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