Friday, March 21, 2008

Lawyers, Prostitutes, and Circumvented Justice?

Eliot Spitzer may have evolved in a lawyer culture, where White males, think they can own their own prostitutes, trade them, gamble with them as "chips", lend them out, and use them to pay police, judges, other lawyers, and prosecutors to fix cases.

23 year old Rebecca F. told me that she was pursued, endured aggressive recruit attempts, to be "owned" by a lawyer to serve drinks in a private club, owned and run by organized crime figures, where only White lawyers, judges, prosecutors, attorneys, elected officials, members of organized crime, and police brass smoked cigars, drank fine wine and Scotch, gambled, cavorted, and conspired to fix cases, retaliate against targets, illegally obtain property and businesses, to put rivals out of business, keep minorities separate and unequal, steer contracts, contracting "hits" and assaults, and skim taxpayer dollars into their own accounts.

Rebecca told me a lawyer would take half of any money she made in tips and for acts of prostitution. She also said she would have to service the lawyer anytime he wanted, anytime he wanted, and to provide sexual services to others, on demand, at no compensation, at his whim.

Eliot Spitzer was allegedly involved in election rigging with Hillary Clinton and the New York Times brass.

I evicted 3 prostitutes out of my Stafford Springs, CT, properties, against the wishes of a Prosecutor Keith Courier, Stafford Constables, and Troop C, Connecticut State Police. [This email] was sent today to the CT LT Gov and Atty General today. Landlord Donald Christmas [video] also evicted 3 prostitutes off out of his property against the wishes of police, he then, also, was attacked by a police informant, and only he faced prison, no deals. See a pattern?

Should lawyers that help run these brothels, have this warning label?:


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