Monday, March 03, 2008

Police State legislation

[click here] for a video I made today for Connecticut and other elected officials asking if children should continued to be taught that the US Constitution actually applies

[click here] for my open letter to Connecticut Judiciary Committee legislators

Connecticut many times leads the country in prison, law enforcement, and court trends, nationally.

Connecticut Judiciary Committee members are trying to sneak [this] past citizens.

I believe the Connecticut Judiciary Committee legislators have conspired with other branches of government, police, judges, and other lawyers to limit the voice of the people, further denying access of citizens to government, and the targeting and "tagging" those wanting justice and honest government, with criminal records, arresting them on sight in public places and in public buildings.

I have highlighted in red what I think is questionable.

Those that propose legislation to elected officials regarding installing ethics and accountability into law enforcement and the Judicial Branch and Courts can be put on the secret police "Enemies List" and face false arrest and jailing to be held as a political prisoner.

Ken Krayeske, the former Green Party campaign manager for Connecticut Governor was put on the Connecticut State Police "Enemies List" and promptly arrested. [more]

[click here] for my open letter to US Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont

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