Monday, March 03, 2008

Propaganda passing off as news

I happened to catch most of CBS 60 Minutes last night. [This piece] on a military weapon upset me.

This comment says it all:
Did you notice who they chose to be the "enemy" in the mock demonstration? They see Americans who are against the war as their enemy. Don''t be supprised to see this deployed against domestic demonstrators.

This was a one-sided sales pitch for this weapon. There were no details given about the safety testing. Anyone who has any training in EM radiation effects knows this is not something to be taken lightly, especially possible effects on the eyes. As someone has already mentioned, 60 Minutes could have asked their own FCC licensed broadcast engineers.

Posted by heckuvajob at 03:22 AM : Mar 03, 2008

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Citizens could be cornered, and the device that is supposed to be non-lethal, could be set on "high" and used to fry citizens where they stand.

We are moving towards an American "Police State" [click here for more]

The BBC reported on this story over a year ago [here]


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