Friday, March 07, 2008

Reporting Suspected Terrorists

The above is from a Danish cartoon that caused a major stir in the Muslim world

I saw a Middle Eastern looking man snapping pictures of a dam structure in Connecticut.

It seemed a little suspicious, but could have been completely innocent.

I picked up my cell phone to call the Connecticut State Police. I then thought for a moment, the CPS are not going to care about investigating a case of a probably lame incident, but would, I think, want to know my general location. I could have been calling into officers that want to beat me and then arrest me.

I was followed around for years, before I was falsely arrested and sent to prison based on a fixed court case and Connecticut State Trooper perjury. [more]

I was told by Connecticut State Police Officers that if I called into complain about those breaking the law, I would be arrested. [This] is how police in Connecticut work. If citizens are so terrorized by police, or if they are so rudely treated, they are not going to call into police to report crimes, even suspected terrorist activities.

My Inheritance:

The $500,000 in Connecticut real estate that Connecticut State Police terrorized me out of:

Donny Christmas, also a landlord, also arrested after a police informant attacked him on his property:

Donald Christmas of the Thompsonville section of Enfield, CT, was attacked by a 14 year old prostitute girlfriend of an Enfield Connecticut Police Officer. Donny had complained about police and they retaliated. Only Donny faced prison, no deals, after being attacked on his own property. Do you see a pattern?

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