Friday, March 14, 2008

Terrorist Surveillance

Would officials like NY Governor Eliot Spitzer have not been exposed with new "Terrorist Surveillance" policies in place? Reporters, pesky citizens, and witnesses could all be covertly identified, whisked away, detained without a hearing, and life goes on for the White Elitist.

If there is justice, will Spitzer be prosecuted under the Mann Act, and imprisoned if found guilty? Spitzer also broke payments to prostitutes into small increments, that is conspiracy and a crime to "launder" money, support organized crime, and to involve himself with many others in a criminal caper, will RICO be invoked?

Was Eliot Spitzer also involved in election rigging? [more]

If Martha Stewart can go to federal prison for maybe one lapse of judgment, not necessarily breaking the law, how much time in prison, if laws are actually enforced, should there be for "Spitzer" types


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