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What about Julie?

Official Connecticut is showing just how abusive, and medieval, it treats its citizens. A teacher that had nothing to do with porn popping up on a laptop computer faced decades in prison, allegedly miscarried a baby, and goes through daily torment, not knowing if she will be maliciously prosecuted by a system with officials that will knowingly prosecute an innocent woman.

Do they want to terrorize her out of suing and going after Connecticut police for misconduct and citizen abuse? What about the ridiculousness of Connecticut courts and judges, do they want to keep the pressure on her to keep her terrorized and quiet.

the subject blogged on [here]

Should Connecticut Chief State's Attorney Kevin Kane be looked into being prosecuted for what he has been doing behind the scenes and making statements like this?

"Sometimes in life you have to wait," Kane told me. "There is not a thing I can share with you."

One of Amero's leading supporters, Florida software executive Alex Eckelberry, told me he was at a recent conference in Vienna, Austria, where the Amero case was presented as an example of justice run amok.

"They were absolutely astounded," said Eckelberry, who helped assemble a team of experts to rebut the house-of-cards prosecution of Amero. [more here, scroll down]

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the below pdf [found here]

An Open Letter To
Chief State's Attorney
Kevin T. Kane

The Julie Amero case has created outrage in internet forums and among computer experts all
over the country. Briefly, Julie Amero was seven months pregnant and acting as a substitute
seventh grade teacher in Norwich, Connecticut. She left the classroom briefly, and while
she was gone some of her students used the class computer to surf the web. When she
returned a stream of pornographic pop-up ads began to appear. She panicked and tried to
stop the pop-ups but did not turn off the computer because she had been firmly instructed
not to do so. She was charged with exposing her students to pornography and convicted in
January. She now faces up to forty (40) years in prison.

Many computer experts believe that the stream of obscene pop-up ads were caused by
malicious spyware and adware programs which users seldom know have infected their
computers until too late - after they have done their evil work. It is most troubling that the
computer had no firewall protection - apparently because a vendor's bill went unpaid - and
that the prosecution did not make a search for spyware.

An excellent suggestion has been offered by Mark Rasch, former chief of the U.S.
Department of Justice's cyber crime unit:

"Find an independent investigator with no
preconceived notions at all and find out what happened." We the undersigned computer
science professors at Yale, UCONN, Wesleyan, Trinity, the University of Hartford, and the
State Universities urge you to take up Mark Rasch's suggestion, and to delay sentencing
Julie Amero until the investigator has filed his report.

Drew McDermott Yale Thomas J. Peters UCONN Neli Zlatareva CCSU
James Lipton Wesleyan Ralph Morelli Trinity Dong-Guk Shin UCONN
Ingrid Russell U Hartford Chip Neville CCSU G. Ganchev WCSU
Sarah Tasneem ECSU Heidi Ellis Trinity Bradley Kjell CCSU
John Ridgway Trinity Todor Ivanov WCSU Huan-Yu Tu ECSU
Brian O'Connell CCSU Jian Lin ECSU John Mertens Trinity
David Ahlgren Trinity Kehan Gao ECSU Taikang Ning Trinity
Stan Kurkovsky CCSU Rathika RiVarma CCSU Joan Calvert CCSU
Irena Pevac CCSU R. White CCSU Zdravko Markov CCSU
Passent El-Kafrawy ECSU

Ad payed for by the signatories

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[click here] for a post w/ pic of Kevin T. Kane

I wanted to complain about Kevin Kane and came up with [this webpage], I would be complaining to him, about him. How ridiculous is that?

Kevin Kane's name comes up a lot. Kevin Kane has been on various panels where felony behavior of officials has been reported. Citizens reporting crimes of officials to Kevin Kane can be treated rudely, and allegations are often not investigated. Something I can personally attest to.

Kane may even turn over names of complainers to the heads of the Connecticut State Police so that a citizen can be put under secret surveillance and covertly ruined, terrorized, to face false arrest and to be held as a political prisoner.

Kevin Kane, in my opinion, should be investigated by an outside entity and prosecuted for public corruption, cover ups, obstruction of justice, racketeering, fixing cases, and other crimes.

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