Monday, March 10, 2008

Is Connecticut Organized Crime and Street Gang friendly?

I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to two State Senators in Connecticut, so police encourage felons to attack and terrorize me at my two homes, I eventually get attacked and I get a year in prison for resisting being beaten up on my own property!

Stab someone to death as part of a street gang, NO PRISON!

My letter to Gov. Rell

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Six Charged In Teen's 2006 Death Avoid Prison

DNA Inconclusive In Alleged Gang Members' Cases

POSTED: 10:26 am EST March 4, 2008 [] channel 3 Connecticut

Six reputed street gang members charged in the stabbing death of a teenager in East Hartford in 2006 will avoid prison time under plea bargains approved by a state judge. Hiram Colon Jr., 17, a sophomore at East Hartford High School, was killed in November 2006 in a fight that erupted outside a birthday party on Silver Lane.

Police say the defendants were in a gang. Colon's mother, Marisol Perez, was angered by the plea deals, which were agreed upon by prosecutors and defense lawyers.

"That's American justice for you," she said outside Hartford Superior Court on Monday.

"My son gets killed and they get to go free. A lot of people saw him killed but they're scared to testify. They're scared out of their minds of the gangs. It's the street code. You snitch, you die."

Hartford Superior Court Judge David Gold signed off on the plea deals, which call for suspended prison sentences and probation for all six defendants - Ezekiel Roberts, 20, of Hartford; Eric Kwamell Archer, 17, of East Hartford; Chad Adgers, 17, of Hartford; Bobby Fair, 18, of Hartford; John Stevenson, 19, of Hartford; and James Brown, 18, of East Hartford. Sentencing for all six is set for May 23.

The melee attracted 100 to 150 youths, authorities said. Ten to 12 witnesses, who had no connection to the defendants, saw six people assault Colon, but none of them could identify the stabber, Assistant State's Attorney Christopher Pelosi said. The medical examiner's office said Colon died of stab wounds to the chest.

Police found several bloody knives at the scene, but authorities could not determine which one was the murder weapon. Shoes and clothing with blood on them underwent DNA testing, which was inconclusive. Authorities initially said Roberts was the killer and charged him with murder.

He later pleaded to first-degree assault under the Alford doctrine, which allows defendants to maintain their innocence while conceding that prosecutors have enough evidence to win a conviction. Archer, Adgers, Fair and Stevenson also pleaded to assault under the doctrine.

Brown pleaded no contest to accessory to assault. Brown will serve three years of probation, while the others will serve five years of probation. Gold said Colon's mother "understandably expressed a wish that someone should be held accountable for their loved one's death."

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