Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Connecticut Legislators Steeped in Sleaze?

Intern Testimony 4/15/2008

Excerpt from

At a forum on Connecticut’s history of disciplining public officials Tuesday, a legislative intern known for sporting a Fedora at work made some wild accusations about what goes on around the Capitol.

“Eighty percent of the legislators here have some form of corruption, whether in their background or right now,” the intern for three House Democrats said at Tuesday’s forum, according to video footage from the Connecticut Network.

The video is one of the most viewed on the Connecticut Network Web site and has legislators talking about the four-minute dialogue that the intern, Michael Marsulo, had with the panelists.

“From liquor and smoking in a state facility, from sex in actual offices to kickbacks from lobbyists…” Marsulo said.

8More than one legislator joked that they would like to know where the sex is happening so they could get some and many were asking each other if they were part of the 80 percent or the 20 percent.



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