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click image to make full size. Nicky Barnes, "Mr. Untouchable"

I watched a copy of a DVD, "Mr. Untouchable", I was rather impressed with the documentary style and the way the real characters in the story of the heroin trade in New York City in and around the 1970's was incredible. It is a history piece, it conveys a message, and it shows where we have been in America, and what is still present, today, just slicker and even more prevalent.

[click here] for reasons that there should be Civilian Oversight of Police and of Independent Contractors paid with tax dollars to kill in war zones. Who are the new "Nicky Barnes" operatives on the streets?

[youtube trailer of film]

Did a video shot by a video blogger possibly lead into the financial dealings of former New York Attorney General and Governor, Eliot Spitzer, being investigated, leading to the the scandal of his hiring prostitutes being exposed? Scroll down in [this post] for video.

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I like the above movie, much more than another movie I was impressed with, "American Gangster". Denzel Washington did an excellent job of portraying Frank Lucas. But it lacked the actual characters telling their own story as in "Mr. Untouchable".

Frank Lucas (drug lord)

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Police can openly take bribes, let drug kingpins ply their business unimpeded, target police officers that break ranks, and retaliate against "mouthy" citizens today as in the heroin "rich" days in New York and other cities.

[click here] for Who's your Daddy?

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An informant under oath:

Police pay state registered confidential police informants to deal drugs, beat and terrorize citizens, help them fix cases and facilitate arrests, provide drugs and cash for police prostitutes and underage girls, and to even kill citizens that lodge police misconduct complaints.

Ritt Goldstein testified in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators in Hartford about the need for Civilian Oversight of Police and he soon after, fled to Sweden seeking political asylum. [Ritt Goldstein video: Under Siege]

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I couldn't understand why, after I had invested 100's of thousands of dollars investing in Connecticut properties, working hard for years, being an asset to my community, that Connecticut State Police, Troop C, were more interested in paying or encouraging prostitutes, drug dealers, vandals, and common criminal parasites to commit crimes, and target me, a working, home owning, taxpayer trying to raise a family.

After viewing the above mentioned movies, I know how police in Connecticut operate and why, in downtown areas, that they interact and protect organized crime, prostitutes, drug dealers, vandals, and other criminals.

My complaint to Connecticut State Police Commissioner John A. Danaher III about gross police misconduct. [click here]

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A police officer sent this photo to other cop buddies while on duty:

[click here] for story

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[click here] for Judges Argue, Threaten to Arrest Each Other, Over Courtroom Scheduling

[click here] for more antics of one of the judges in the above story

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