Monday, April 07, 2008

"no end in sight"

Iraq's Descent into Chaos
the documentary movie [info]

"Watch this. Get your friends to watch it. Talk about it. And then call someone." - George Clooney

I find the movie easy to follow, easy to understand, and probably the best, basic blueprint for organizing the average citizen, the American population, in demanding the arrest and prosecution of George W. Bush, Richard "Dick" Cheney, and their crew. -Steven G. Erickson

I ask Vermonters why they voted to have Cheney and Bush Arrested. [video]

"The Good Shepherd" [info] is a movie that tells the story of a fictional character, but tells the story of really where the CIA has been, and the nightmare we are headed for.

Has the CIA been the drug delivery system of choice, "The Fed-Ex" of illegal narcotics delivery, since the Vietnam war? [more]


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