Saturday, April 12, 2008

Propaganda and Rumors?

You may have heard, rumors or possible accounts, of Israeli, American, and other troops and operatives purposely shooting civilians and independent journalists in knee caps, genitals, shoulders, hands, and feet to cause the most pain and lifelong suffering.

About two years or more ago I heard about a joint venture by Israel and American operatives to test a way of causing the most death in a concentrated way of civilians protesting and/or opposing troops with a new weapon. Allegedly Palestinians were test subjects. Groups of Palestinians were supposed to have approached a Israel containment fence and were zapped. When the bodies of these victims were returned to their families they were missing internal organs, eyes, and/or other body parts to disguise the fact that they were zapped and/or to test the effectiveness of different settings.

[more] on the US, inside and outside, American "crowd control" weapon

These are the images a lot of the rest of the world has of America in action:


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