Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Town Hall Pirates

The former Chicopee Massachusetts Health Inspector allegedly went nine years without doing an inspection.

I ate at this restaurant sometime last week and overheard restaurant workers talking about Chicopee.

Restaurant owners just had to send in their fees, and someone had to die or get sick in order for there to be any health enforcement.

My point is that town hall employees and too many public officials are not required to do their jobs and still get paid, have to work half as long as most private sector workers, and get a cushy retirement after being overpaid in tax dollars.

Public officials seem to think they can reward families and friends with taxpayer cash, contracts, and jobs, while feeling they have a right to ruin citizens that lodge complaints against the free for all. These officials will also ruin and put out of business, competition for "connected" businesses, and those that rival their friends' and family's business and property interests. Racism can also play a factor. [post]

Until officials, all the way up to the US President, have to obey the same laws we do, the across the board rip off and abuse of taxpayers will only continue.


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