Friday, May 30, 2008

July 12

There is an upcoming event, a peaceful, legal, protest.

The date is July 12. It is a day that will decide if there is to be a restoration of the US Constitution, or the witnessing of the further sinking of America, financially and spiritually.

Those that support Ron Paul, think it is about Ron Paul.

So many others are just going to gather because they are upset with the way things are going in America.

We, the People, are just going to show up in Washington, DC, just to be counted as one among many.

I'm selling off all that I own. I'm not even caring whether or not I get what it's worth. I have little, but those that are arrested at any protest, even if they break no laws, can end up locked up. Sometimes there is no release date. That is the new America.

Let's act for positive change, not change for change sake, before it is too late.

Our Forefathers aren't the chumps that we modern Americans are.

King George did far less to us than Dictator George is doing to us now. Either learn how to talk and be herded like sheep, or stand up as an American. Freedom isn't guaranteed, it is demanded.

Now is time to dress up as Indians and dump some tea in the harbor in a modern way. Even if it is for you, just showing up, not saying a word.

Hope to see you in DC July 12.

-Steven G. Erickson, Patriot
former political prisoner and CT inmate # 305662

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two and two

A number of people in my circle have been complaining about thinking they have had food poisoning, and have been having digestion problems. I had assumed that many were caused by allergens raising havoc in the digestive system when the lungs and other parts of the body are stressed due to the environment. Maybe this is something that is a culprit in some of those complaining about various digestion problems:

Gut superbug causing more illnesses, deaths
By MIKE STOBBE, AP Medical Writer - Wed May 28, 4:03 PM PDT

ATLANTA - The number of people hospitalized with a dangerous intestinal superbug has been growing by more than 10,000 cases a year, according to a new study.

The germ, resistant to some antibiotics, has become a regular menace in hospitals and nursing homes. The study found it played a role in nearly 300,000 hospitalizations in 2005, more than double the number in 2000.

The infection, Clostridium difficile, is found in the colon and can cause diarrhea and a more serious intestinal condition known as colitis. It is spread by spores in feces. But the spores are difficult to kill with most conventional household cleaners or antibacterial soap.

C-diff, as it's known, has grown resistant to certain antibiotics that work against other colon bacteria. The result: When patients take those antibiotics, competing bacteria die off and C-diff explodes.

This virulent strain of C-diff was rarely seen before 2000.

"The nature of this infection is changing. It's more severe," said Dr. L. Clifford McDonald, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention expert who was not part of the study.

There are other factors that play into the rise of C-diff cases as well, including a larger of number of patients who are older and sicker. "And there may be some overuse and inappropriate use of antibiotics," said Dr. Marya Zilberberg, a University of Massachusetts researcher and lead author of the study.

The Zilberberg study was based on a sample of more than 36 million annual discharges from non-governmental U.S. hospitals. That data was used to generate the study's national estimates.

The research is being published in the June issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases, a CDC publication.

Using other scientists' estimates, the study concluded that 2.3 percent of the cases in 2004 were fatal — about 5,500 deaths. That was nearly double the percentage of C-diff-related cases that ended in death in 2000.

Many of the people who died had other health problems. The study did not try to determine if Clostridium difficile was the main cause of death in each case, Zilberberg said.

But earlier research concluded the infection is the underlying cause of thousands of deaths annually, and the problem is getting worse.

C-diff has become an acute health concern in Canada, where it was blamed for 260 deaths at seven Ontario hospitals recently, and 2,000 deaths in Quebec since 2002.

The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology is currently working with U.S. hospitals to study prevalence of the infection and what infection control measures seem to work best.

"This is not a time for alarm, but more a time for educating health professionals to understand this particular pathogen," said Kathy Warye, chief executive of the Washington, D.C.-based association.


On the Net:

The CDC publication:

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An amusing slam ...

Here is a video comparing the Republican Party to a prescription drug with dangerous side effects:

I found the above video [here] after a link was emailed to me.

* * * *

The Ron Paul camp is far from quiet. I think the public angst goes beyond any candidate, especially one that probably has virtually no chance of being elected.

Ron Paul, a Republican, allegedly doesn't support a woman's right to an abortion. This is all while he is claiming to be out to restore the US Constitution.

The above video rocks out with many references. It might just help get people out to march on Washington, DC, July 12, Ron Paul supporters, or not.

Is there going to be a Pilgrimage?

* * * *

A comment on 9-11 and being lied into a ground war in Iraq:


It starts at the top
McClellan recounts how Bush, as governor of Texas, spelled out his approach about the press at their very first meeting in 1998. He said Bush "mentioned some of his expectations for his spokespeople — the importance of staying on message; the need to talk about what you're for, rather than what you are against; how he liked to make the big news on his own time frame and terms without his spokespeople getting out in front of him, and, finally, making sure that public statements were coordinated internally so that everyone is always on the same page and there are few surprises." [more]

Has Bush's press secretary spilled the beans? Is there enough evidence to indict Bush?

* * * *

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Redacted 2007

movie info [IMDb]

I didn't realize it was a Brian De Palma film, or that he wrote and directed it, until the final credits rolled.

The acting sucked and the whole premise of soldiers running around with video cameras with no fear of the brass, and that releasing video, uncensored, was condoned was the biggest flaw of the movie. Obviously soldiers, contractors, and others are taking videos and releasing them.

The only casualties I recall seeing in the film were non-white. The Iraqis were painted as rape and murder victims. Political views of De Palma were not even remotely hidden within the dialog of his characters.

I thought the writing sucked. I was unimpressed with the film. The message of the film should get out. The theme is just recycled from the 1989 "Casualties of War" starring Michael J. Fox and Sean Penn, directed by Brian De Palma.

[IMDb info]

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Monday, May 26, 2008

From an advocate of torture, we get:

Bush calls on Americans to remember war dead

9:42 AM EDT, May 26, 2008

WASHINGTON - President Bush will lay a wreath at Arlington Cemetery's Tomb of the Unknowns for one last time today on Memorial Day.

His successor inherits that duty next year. In his last Memorial Day Proclamation, Bush says America's freedoms "come at great costs." But he adds that the brave men and women who've fought and died in the nation's service have "transformed the world in unimaginable ways."

The president is also calling on Americans to observe a "moment of remembrance" at 3 p.m. local time to honor those who perished fighting for freedom. Heeding the president's request, the moment will be observed by Major League Baseball. Also, Amtrak trains will all sound their horns and buglers will play taps at military cemeteries.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is Karl Rove above the law?

If any citizen ignores a subpoena they can be arrested, prosecuted, and face, or be put in, prison.

What is Karl Rove really saying?

Maybe this would be close, "I am above the laws of the US. I know important people."

* * * *
Alabama Democrat Governor Dan Siegelman was railroaded to prison by the Republicans for political reasons:

[click here] for:
U.S. Attorneys Scandal—Birmingham

By Scott Horton

* * * *

Is the World Bank partially responsible for infecting the 3rd World with AIDs? [more]

* * * *

[click here] for The Get Justice Coalition blog

The Myth that the government actually "cares" about us

I sometimes get 3 pages of emails saying "need urgent reply", "can I trust you?", etc.

Many of these scams, phishing ploys, and identity theft attempts, are out of African web cafes.

Our US government seems to care more about perpetrating scams of their own, domestic spying, collecting new declared and undeclared taxes, and retaliating against citizens, than in doing anything about protecting us and going after domestic, international, and white collar criminals.

Todd Davis, the pitchman for an identity theft protection service, who posted his social security number for the advertisements, has had his identity stolen. [story]

No government, law enforcement, or court based help seems to currently exist. We the People have to organize, meet, and demand that our officials act in our best interest and as advertised.

* * * *

[click here] for how the US Government might use GPS tracking, RFID "chipped" driver's licenses in conjunction with "crowd control devices"

The heat-ray gun mounted on a Humvee vehicle

This a Humvee fitted with a microwave dish, it can mildly "fry" those at protests for crowd control, or it can be set on "high" and those corralled in numbers can all be simultaneously fried to a crisp. [more]

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Can cops in Connecticut keep there hands off of drugs?

What about Connecticut cops being investigated for past rapes, robberies, assaults, and murders? The Connecticut Police Internal Affairs is seriously lacking. Anything goes and they investigate themselves. Civilian Oversight of Police is needed desperately.

* * * *

[click here] for Bad Cop News Connecticut

* * * *

Norwich officer arrested on heroin charge in the Bronx

Norwich Bulletin
Posted May 17, 2008 @ 12:35 AM

Norwich, Conn. —

Veteran Norwich Police Lt. Michael Blanchette was arrested Friday in New York City on heroin possession charges, police said.

Norwich Police Chief Louis J. Fusaro has ordered an internal investigation seeking details of the arrest.

“I’m disappointed,” Fusaro said. “I certainly hope this does not reflect on the hard work being performed by the men and women at the department.”

Blanchette, 43, has been on medical leave and collecting worker’s compensation for about 16 months because of a knee injury.

As per department policy, Blanchette was stripped of police powers and placed on administrative suspension after 30 days of absence from the department.

He is one of four lieutenants on the force.

Blanchette was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance at 11:30 a.m. Friday in the Bronx, said New York City police Det. Brian Sessa. The charge is a misdemeanor, Sessa said.

Norwich Police Deputy Chief Warren Mocek, who has been assigned to conduct the internal investigation, said the department was notified of the arrest by New York City police.

“At this point, we are seeking more detailed information about the arrest,” Mocek said. “This is a difficult thing to hear. We’re held to a higher standard, and the public has a right to expect that.”

Like Fusaro, Mocek said he hoped the allegations did not lead the public to think less of the officers at the department.

This is not the first legal trouble for Blanchette. In 2004, he was arrested by fellow officers in connection with a series of domestic disputes with his wife during divorce proceedings.

The charges later were dismissed after the court ordered Blanchette to attend counseling and a family violence education program.

Legal proceedings are still pending for fired Norwich Police Officer Jamie Longolucco, who faces assault, threatening and burglary charges in three separate criminal cases.

Reach Greg Smith at 425-4219 or

* * * *

* * * *

click below link for video and more regarding racism, drug policies of police, and activism to fix the problems:

Law Enforcement against Judicial Misconduct

[click here] for my beef with Connecticut Police

Birth link, Mother Stress and Asthma

Monday, May 19, 2008

Zena Crenshaw in DC

Zena Crenshaw,
of CRENSHAW PROFESSIONAL OFFICES, 4581 Broadway • Gary, Indiana 46409


Logal Professional & Public Policy Offices

7519 W. 77th Avenue • Crown Point, Indiana 46307

was a main speaker at the Washington, DC, Whistleblower Conference, May 15, 2008.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Are we too busy?

I was in Washington DC yesterday at a National Whistleblowers' Conference. During the International Portion, whistle blowers, let us know what the World Bank, rogue corporate executives, international law enforcement, and the courts are up to in allowing greedy sociopaths, who are the World Elitists, literally get away with rape, murder, robbery, and mayhem.

Internationally "sovereign immunity" and "judicial immunity" need to be abolished.

The World Bank, HIV/AIDS, & Fraud?

footage shot by Steven G. Erickson, May 15, 2008, Washington, DC

* * * *
* * * *

Comment about my trip back up from Washington, DC:

"SVE, Troopers in a half dozen states will be eyeballing you the whole way back. Keep an eye on the speed limit, seatbelts, talking on the cell, and broken tail lights."

[click here for more]

* * * *
* * * *

Are you ready for July 12, 2008, as we the people march on Washington DC to restore the US Constitution? 250 thousand people expected to come, join us.

[click here for information]

Note: others and other groups mentioned in this blog post may, or may not, be interested in the July 12 march and aren't affiliated with this group as far as I know.

* * * *
* * * *

NCMR, the national conference on media reform

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Connecticut State Police "100 Club"

file photo

[click here] for one of their newsletters. Pay special attention to photo marked "Judge Angelo Santaniello – Ray Santaniello – Bill Kewer". Kewer is married to the Judge's daughter. That is just one of the family relations that can help the Connecticut State Police fix court cases and for the Judiciary to rule their own in a "State of Fear".

The "100 Club" is for officers that have made 100 or more drunk driving arrests. They need not tell the truth, will file false reports, commit perjury, and make false arrests to be part of the club. [more]

[click here] for:

Legislating a solution to a Police State?

* * * *
* * * *

[click here] for: US man alleges police broke into home illegally, tore catheter from his body

[click here] for


* * * *

[click here] for:

Having a religion program doesn't fix a morally bankrupt police force

* * * *

Police pay state registered confidential informants to beat up and terrorize citizens, and then arrest the targeted citizens:

Police informant, Todd Vashon, under oath, tells about his exploits breaking the law for Connecticut police.

Connecticut State Police Officers and a Stafford Police Officer allegedly offered a man, Peter Coukos, known to frequent prostitutes, abuse alcohol and crack cocaine, prescription drugs, and that slammed his car repeatedly over miles of road in a racist DUI incident into an African-American woman, a gun permit to assault me and terrorize me and my daughter out of Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Here is typical Peter Coukos, should a lunitic like this be helped in getting a pistol permit for breaking the law by the Connecticut State Police?:

Your tax dollars were used to terrorize me, Steven G. Erickson, out of these properties and out of being a productive home owning, working taxpayer:

my email:
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keywords: Connecticut State Police misconduct brutality organized crime criminals judicial prosecutorial attorney official bribery governor M. Jody Rell John A. Danaher III Arthur L. Spada Connecticut State Police Commissioner Public Safety

Connecticut Judicial Branch whistle blowers tell of felonies being committed by managers and judges within "the branch":

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blogs and Blogging

It is now easy to get lost, there are so many, a grandmother can have one about knitting, and be impressed when she gets 2 to 3 visitors a day ...

When I blogged on, there were relatively few blogs and bloggers, as compared to now.

I testified in Connecticut [video] and then all my posts on mysteriously were pulled. was getting somewhere between 5000 and 10,000 visitors a day!

The message was getting out and those doing word searches were finding about the gross official, attorney, prosecutorial, legislative, police, and judicial misconduct in Connecticut. The Connecticut State Police were shown to be the organized criminal gang, a syndicate, and just a bunch of armed revenue collector thugs that they are.

I would never have blogged or had reason to blog, had I not invested in Connecticut property [video].

I co-founded the Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Crime Watch. Teenagers were openly selling drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine, openly, 24 hours a day on Main St., Church St., Brown Avenue Extension, and other roads. Teens were openly drinking alcohol and involving themselves in prostitution, vandalism, and other crimes. I couldn't understand why police in downtown areas were siding with and aligning themselves with vandals, prostitutes, drugs dealers, and criminal parasites against taxpaying home and business owners.

Stafford Officer Frank Prochaska, aka "Fat Frank" told me he would arrest me after I addressed the Crime Watch audience about the need to target youthful offenders in Stafford. I was told to shut my mouth and leave Connecticut or be arrested!

I called 911 after I heard my wife fall down the stairs, calling for an ambulance. Fat Frank showed up before the ambulance and proceeded to slam me against my house, saying I was "resisting", he tried to coerce my into saying I pushed her down the stairs.

He couldn't manufacture an excuse to arrest me then. I came back from Europe and intended on getting more license plates and names of drug dealers for police. I happened upon Peter Panciera and his powdered cocaine customers. Panciera accused me of being an undercover police officer and proceeded to beat me and the then bite into my ear, causing me to bleed down to my underwear. I called 911 and Panciera fled the scene. [more and pictures]

Police interviewed two of Panciera's drug customers and they said they did not know who Panciera was. Prochaska re-investigated the case after I had located Panciera and identified him to police asking that Panciera be arrested for biting and attacking me. Prochaska took statements from the two customers that contradicted their previous ones, that is making a false statement to police, a crime. The new statements made to Prochaska were that I had attacked Panciera, so only I was arrested!

I had attacked a drug dealer's teeth with my ear, a major crime where only I faced prison and huge fines!

I beat that rap because I had refused to get an attorney and would represent myself. Attorneys in Connecticut will aid corrupt judges, prosecutors, and police in retaliating against citizens that complain or get in the way. "Big Mouths" are especially targeted.

Soon after, Connecticut State Police were following me around in pairs, burning gas, and wasting taxpayer funds maliciously investigating and terrorizing me.

I was renting cars, hiding inside my properties, and had to make a mad dash for my door at both my Somersville and Stafford Springs locations, as the police had encouraged druggie felons at each of my property locations to attack me, where only I would be arrested.

Another druggie confidential Connecticut state registered police informant tells of this official policy. [video]

I believe that the state and federal governments are corrupted to allow the free flow of heroin and cocaine into the US. The revenue generated allows covert government operation, illegal wars, across the board domestic spying, political assassinations, and allows a select minority of Elitists to profit hand over fist.

The CIA was allowed to become even bigger traffickers of heroin out of Afghanistan with President Carter's signature. Bin Laden and others were funneled the heroin profits by the CIA to fight the Soviets. Ronald Reagan and the Iran/Contra scam involving Ollie North was about using the CIA and military transports to bring as much South American cocaine into the US as was possible. The illegal money is used by Presidents and their minions all the way down to the cop on the beat.

George W. Bush is only the latest world drug lord, a fucking scumbag.

What good does it do to bitch on what is now an obscure and less read blog?

* * * *

[click here] for:

A "Free" America?

A State's Toll Road Scam


Monday, May 05, 2008

Charlie Wilson's War

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