Thursday, May 29, 2008

An amusing slam ...

Here is a video comparing the Republican Party to a prescription drug with dangerous side effects:

I found the above video [here] after a link was emailed to me.

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The Ron Paul camp is far from quiet. I think the public angst goes beyond any candidate, especially one that probably has virtually no chance of being elected.

Ron Paul, a Republican, allegedly doesn't support a woman's right to an abortion. This is all while he is claiming to be out to restore the US Constitution.

The above video rocks out with many references. It might just help get people out to march on Washington, DC, July 12, Ron Paul supporters, or not.

Is there going to be a Pilgrimage?

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A comment on 9-11 and being lied into a ground war in Iraq:


It starts at the top
McClellan recounts how Bush, as governor of Texas, spelled out his approach about the press at their very first meeting in 1998. He said Bush "mentioned some of his expectations for his spokespeople — the importance of staying on message; the need to talk about what you're for, rather than what you are against; how he liked to make the big news on his own time frame and terms without his spokespeople getting out in front of him, and, finally, making sure that public statements were coordinated internally so that everyone is always on the same page and there are few surprises." [more]

Has Bush's press secretary spilled the beans? Is there enough evidence to indict Bush?

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