Friday, May 16, 2008

Are we too busy?

I was in Washington DC yesterday at a National Whistleblowers' Conference. During the International Portion, whistle blowers, let us know what the World Bank, rogue corporate executives, international law enforcement, and the courts are up to in allowing greedy sociopaths, who are the World Elitists, literally get away with rape, murder, robbery, and mayhem.

Internationally "sovereign immunity" and "judicial immunity" need to be abolished.

The World Bank, HIV/AIDS, & Fraud?

footage shot by Steven G. Erickson, May 15, 2008, Washington, DC

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Comment about my trip back up from Washington, DC:

"SVE, Troopers in a half dozen states will be eyeballing you the whole way back. Keep an eye on the speed limit, seatbelts, talking on the cell, and broken tail lights."

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Are you ready for July 12, 2008, as we the people march on Washington DC to restore the US Constitution? 250 thousand people expected to come, join us.

[click here for information]

Note: others and other groups mentioned in this blog post may, or may not, be interested in the July 12 march and aren't affiliated with this group as far as I know.

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NCMR, the national conference on media reform

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