Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blogs and Blogging

It is now easy to get lost, there are so many, a grandmother can have one about knitting, and be impressed when she gets 2 to 3 visitors a day ...

When I blogged on, there were relatively few blogs and bloggers, as compared to now.

I testified in Connecticut [video] and then all my posts on mysteriously were pulled. was getting somewhere between 5000 and 10,000 visitors a day!

The message was getting out and those doing word searches were finding about the gross official, attorney, prosecutorial, legislative, police, and judicial misconduct in Connecticut. The Connecticut State Police were shown to be the organized criminal gang, a syndicate, and just a bunch of armed revenue collector thugs that they are.

I would never have blogged or had reason to blog, had I not invested in Connecticut property [video].

I co-founded the Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Crime Watch. Teenagers were openly selling drugs such as heroin and crack cocaine, openly, 24 hours a day on Main St., Church St., Brown Avenue Extension, and other roads. Teens were openly drinking alcohol and involving themselves in prostitution, vandalism, and other crimes. I couldn't understand why police in downtown areas were siding with and aligning themselves with vandals, prostitutes, drugs dealers, and criminal parasites against taxpaying home and business owners.

Stafford Officer Frank Prochaska, aka "Fat Frank" told me he would arrest me after I addressed the Crime Watch audience about the need to target youthful offenders in Stafford. I was told to shut my mouth and leave Connecticut or be arrested!

I called 911 after I heard my wife fall down the stairs, calling for an ambulance. Fat Frank showed up before the ambulance and proceeded to slam me against my house, saying I was "resisting", he tried to coerce my into saying I pushed her down the stairs.

He couldn't manufacture an excuse to arrest me then. I came back from Europe and intended on getting more license plates and names of drug dealers for police. I happened upon Peter Panciera and his powdered cocaine customers. Panciera accused me of being an undercover police officer and proceeded to beat me and the then bite into my ear, causing me to bleed down to my underwear. I called 911 and Panciera fled the scene. [more and pictures]

Police interviewed two of Panciera's drug customers and they said they did not know who Panciera was. Prochaska re-investigated the case after I had located Panciera and identified him to police asking that Panciera be arrested for biting and attacking me. Prochaska took statements from the two customers that contradicted their previous ones, that is making a false statement to police, a crime. The new statements made to Prochaska were that I had attacked Panciera, so only I was arrested!

I had attacked a drug dealer's teeth with my ear, a major crime where only I faced prison and huge fines!

I beat that rap because I had refused to get an attorney and would represent myself. Attorneys in Connecticut will aid corrupt judges, prosecutors, and police in retaliating against citizens that complain or get in the way. "Big Mouths" are especially targeted.

Soon after, Connecticut State Police were following me around in pairs, burning gas, and wasting taxpayer funds maliciously investigating and terrorizing me.

I was renting cars, hiding inside my properties, and had to make a mad dash for my door at both my Somersville and Stafford Springs locations, as the police had encouraged druggie felons at each of my property locations to attack me, where only I would be arrested.

Another druggie confidential Connecticut state registered police informant tells of this official policy. [video]

I believe that the state and federal governments are corrupted to allow the free flow of heroin and cocaine into the US. The revenue generated allows covert government operation, illegal wars, across the board domestic spying, political assassinations, and allows a select minority of Elitists to profit hand over fist.

The CIA was allowed to become even bigger traffickers of heroin out of Afghanistan with President Carter's signature. Bin Laden and others were funneled the heroin profits by the CIA to fight the Soviets. Ronald Reagan and the Iran/Contra scam involving Ollie North was about using the CIA and military transports to bring as much South American cocaine into the US as was possible. The illegal money is used by Presidents and their minions all the way down to the cop on the beat.

George W. Bush is only the latest world drug lord, a fucking scumbag.

What good does it do to bitch on what is now an obscure and less read blog?

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