Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Connecticut State Police "100 Club"

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[click here] for one of their newsletters. Pay special attention to photo marked "Judge Angelo Santaniello – Ray Santaniello – Bill Kewer". Kewer is married to the Judge's daughter. That is just one of the family relations that can help the Connecticut State Police fix court cases and for the Judiciary to rule their own in a "State of Fear".

The "100 Club" is for officers that have made 100 or more drunk driving arrests. They need not tell the truth, will file false reports, commit perjury, and make false arrests to be part of the club. [more]

[click here] for:

Legislating a solution to a Police State?

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[click here] for: US man alleges police broke into home illegally, tore catheter from his body

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Having a religion program doesn't fix a morally bankrupt police force

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Police pay state registered confidential informants to beat up and terrorize citizens, and then arrest the targeted citizens:

Police informant, Todd Vashon, under oath, tells about his exploits breaking the law for Connecticut police.

Connecticut State Police Officers and a Stafford Police Officer allegedly offered a man, Peter Coukos, known to frequent prostitutes, abuse alcohol and crack cocaine, prescription drugs, and that slammed his car repeatedly over miles of road in a racist DUI incident into an African-American woman, a gun permit to assault me and terrorize me and my daughter out of Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Here is typical Peter Coukos, should a lunitic like this be helped in getting a pistol permit for breaking the law by the Connecticut State Police?:

Your tax dollars were used to terrorize me, Steven G. Erickson, out of these properties and out of being a productive home owning, working taxpayer:

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Connecticut Judicial Branch whistle blowers tell of felonies being committed by managers and judges within "the branch":


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