Friday, May 30, 2008

July 12

There is an upcoming event, a peaceful, legal, protest.

The date is July 12. It is a day that will decide if there is to be a restoration of the US Constitution, or the witnessing of the further sinking of America, financially and spiritually.

Those that support Ron Paul, think it is about Ron Paul.

So many others are just going to gather because they are upset with the way things are going in America.

We, the People, are just going to show up in Washington, DC, just to be counted as one among many.

I'm selling off all that I own. I'm not even caring whether or not I get what it's worth. I have little, but those that are arrested at any protest, even if they break no laws, can end up locked up. Sometimes there is no release date. That is the new America.

Let's act for positive change, not change for change sake, before it is too late.

Our Forefathers aren't the chumps that we modern Americans are.

King George did far less to us than Dictator George is doing to us now. Either learn how to talk and be herded like sheep, or stand up as an American. Freedom isn't guaranteed, it is demanded.

Now is time to dress up as Indians and dump some tea in the harbor in a modern way. Even if it is for you, just showing up, not saying a word.

Hope to see you in DC July 12.

-Steven G. Erickson, Patriot
former political prisoner and CT inmate # 305662


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