Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Myth that the government actually "cares" about us

I sometimes get 3 pages of emails saying "need urgent reply", "can I trust you?", etc.

Many of these scams, phishing ploys, and identity theft attempts, are out of African web cafes.

Our US government seems to care more about perpetrating scams of their own, domestic spying, collecting new declared and undeclared taxes, and retaliating against citizens, than in doing anything about protecting us and going after domestic, international, and white collar criminals.

Todd Davis, the pitchman for an identity theft protection service, who posted his social security number for the advertisements, has had his identity stolen. [story]

No government, law enforcement, or court based help seems to currently exist. We the People have to organize, meet, and demand that our officials act in our best interest and as advertised.

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[click here] for how the US Government might use GPS tracking, RFID "chipped" driver's licenses in conjunction with "crowd control devices"

The heat-ray gun mounted on a Humvee vehicle

This a Humvee fitted with a microwave dish, it can mildly "fry" those at protests for crowd control, or it can be set on "high" and those corralled in numbers can all be simultaneously fried to a crisp. [more]

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