Saturday, June 21, 2008

Attn Federal Law Enforcement:

Are you paying attention to comments [like these] in online newspapers about the public corruption, nepotism, and judicial misconduct in the Connecticut Judicial Branch?

It sounds like "Big Joe D", the dictator of the Judicial Branch in Connecticut should be investigated by a Grand Jury to possibly have indictments handed down for the motley crew of criminals that need to be cleaned out of the judicial branch in Connecticut.

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A Connecticut judge was ok with a felon stabbing a US Marine 13 times, not violating him on probation, AND was also ok with the Marine being arrested for causing a disturbance while being stabbed after he woke up alive in the hospital. [more]

[click here] for my docket # and complaint to CT Atty Gen. (Is Attorney Michael H. Agranoff a good example of what is worst in Connecticut lawyers?)

Police are using taxpayer money to pay state register police confidential informants to commit crimes, frame and terrorize citizens, beat and kill citizens, and make the quality of life in downtown Connecticut unbearable for the Elitist’s unwanted citizens. [video of typical police informant antics]

[click here] for my videos on youtube

[click here] for my videos

keywords: Connecticut judicial judge judiciary prosecutorial state police misconduct attorney lawyer brutality official prosecutor abuse law breaking racketeering obstruction of justice mafia

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2 CT Judicial Branch employees blow the whistle on public corruption in the Connecticut Judicial Branch:

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