Monday, June 09, 2008

From the Uppity Wisconsin blog:

the below [found here]

You may have "enjoyed" the Bill O'Reilly video yesterday about how terrible it was that Dan Rather was going to the NCMR conference, and speaking to the worst radical left-wing nuts in the US. Count me as being proud to be one of those people. O'Reilly has promised that his show tomorrow night (watch it - no really, I mean it - just not right before or after dinner) - He's going to expose us for the nutjobs and radicals he is sure we are. I'm looking forward to it. Compare his editing of this story with what you see below:

Fox was all over the convention with video crews. I'll have to say that I chatted with a couple of the video crew for a while, and they seemed like decent hard-working folks just doing their job.

But this is an example of what happens when they "interview" someone - I have no idea why someone would try to pull this in a convention full of people who have video recorders on them. There are a few more examples - they also accosted him on the street, but here are 2 different accounts of the backstage conversation, one from our friends at The Uptake, and one from On The Earth Productions' Karen Rybold Chin: - note the plug for Fighting Bob Fest - more on that in a few weeks:

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I was at the above Free Press event. I heard Dan Rather speak. I was impressed. I wouldn't call wanting to ask tough questions and wanting to be told the truth being a "leftist".

Rather was axed for wanting answers, and for not being a "Toby" tossing softballs.

-Steven G. Erickson- official "backpack" journalist


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