Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Emailed in by William Doriss:

Good Morning Everybody,

The African Independent posted a short story on me today by Seme Ndzana: Please go there and read it.

It has taken me almost eight years to get ANY written publicity in these cases. (Steven Erickson did a video of me last October: YouTube.) The press no longer maintains "court reporters." The press and almost everybody else these days thinks It is perfectly OK for the sovereign (in this case Connecticut) to go around piling false, bogus and trumped-up charges upon its own citizens in an undisguised effort on the part of the judicial branch--in co-conspiracy with a corrupt law enforcement apparatus (in this case the New Haven Department "of Police Service")--to enhance the win/loss record of its corrupt and incompetent employees.

The State of Connecticut mistakenly thought Ct. v. Doriss was a "slam-dunk," that I would roll over like a bovozo and go for the sucker plea-bargain, known in legalese as "The Alford Doctrine." My father, William H. Doriss, Sr., d. 1965 of war-induced conditions, was an unsung WW II hero. He taught me better than that. The State thought it could come into court and charge me with four counts of "risk of injury to a minor" without introducing any hospital admissions reports, doctors' or psychologists' reports. The district attorney's office thought they could come into court, make completely false and malicious accusations--without making even a half-hearted attempt to back them up--and that that would be sufficient to carry the day in a corrupt Ct. courtroom.

It is worth pointing out that the plea-bargain in these cases was "five years, suspended after three." In other words, the State offered a fifty-eight year-old man five years of state supervision over what were clearly two dog accidents. Alternatively, were there other, subliminal, reasons for taking me to court? Were the dog-accident charges a PRETEXT for other reasons unmentioned and unannounced by the authorities? Why was I not charged under any of the numerous state statutes regarding the care and management of "dogs" in the state? Why did the State fall back on the much more punitive "cruelty to animals statutes," chapter 53?

Instead, I chose to go to the mat. I refused to plead guilty to a single charge when I knew that I had committed NO crime in these cases, and no serious crime in the state in my entire life,... NO PRIOR CRIMINAL RECORD.

I went through a full-blown criminal trial in New Haven Superior Court, chockablock full of due-process violations and rife with blatant violations of my "Constitutional rights." I beat 11 out of 13 charges the State threw at me, by consolidation, dismissal and jury verdict. The State naively thought that some of their Sh*t would stick. Instead, William H. Doriss, Jr. stuck it to them. The State lost Big Time.

I beat ALL of the serious charges, including NINE FELONY. (Where was the press?) The State's case was so weak, it suborned the perjured testimonies of five civilians and two police officers against me. The testimonies of two Spanish-speaking "victims" had to be translated for the Court. The male owner of the chihuahua unwittingly told a story which essentially agreed with my story and that of my sole witness, Sarah Ficca. The State tried to get him [Danny Valentin] to change his story, from the witness stand, a total of five times. Danny Valentin was simply too dumb to lie under oath in an Ameikan court of law.

The Spanish-speaking arresting officer in #502506, Andre Diaz, wrote an illegible police report in English. He testified that he was the one who arrested me, that he interviewed me and that he seized my dog Zeus. This was all a lie. I never saw Diaz that day. All of the above were accomplished by Offcr. Joseph Naccarato, badge #330. I told the Court this when John DelBarba asked me, "Who arrested you?"

The arresting officer is supposed to file the police report, and it is his job to present himself to the Court when requested to testify truthfully as to what he observed and what he believed to have transpired in any particular case.

The Court failed to call for Naccarato's presence to test my credibility. the Court is not interested in the truth, justice or fair play. The courts in Ct. simply want to incarcerate people and place them under state supervision for no other purpose than the keep the Prison-Industrial Complex busy and humming.

I WAS found guilty of two misdemeanors, which the judge conceded did NOT require "intent." Nonetheless, the angry and incompetent Judge Bernadette Conway sentenced me to 2 years prison and 3 years probation, for a total of five years of state supervision. She accused me of "putting the State to its test"! Clearly, I was given my "day in court." I beat all of the serious charges, but the outcome was almost exactly the same as the plea-bargain: Five Years of state supervision.

My real crime was NOT accepting the plea-bargain offered and forcing the State to expend "precious judicial resources" on a full-blown, Constitutionally protected jury trial by my peers.

What did I gain by beating the State in criminal court? I gained nothing. The system is rigged, incompetent, and--yes--corrupt. See D. R. Bennett's piece on corruption in last Sunday's Boston Globe. (Bennet is a clear thinker and a good writer.)

Although William H. Doriss REALLY won in #495971 and 502506, he ACTUALLY lost. Connecticut is a lawless land. It took an independent African journalist to investigate and expose the hypocrisies and lies of the Amerikan "judicial system." Shame, shame, shame on all of you. These sentiments were recently posted by me in The New Haven Independent (online).

Ct. v. Doriss, and now Doriss v. City of New Haven and State of Connecticut (federal court), are important because they show how easily the State can charge anyone with any crime, anywhere, any time--without functionable oversight or accountability--and get away with it in real time. My cases, in fact, prove this succinctly. These situations happen every day in Ct., and around the country, because the press is absent and the citizenry distracted by rampant consumerism, a false understanding of history and our proper role as a people on the world stage. We are in fact no better than a "third world" country when it comes to human rights violations, violations of due process and the protection of private property from the greedy hands of the sovereign. It took an independent African journalist from Cameroon, a man who paid his own heavy dues, to come to Amerika and point this out to us somnolent shee.

The details posted here and by Mr. Ndzana are only half the story. There are more interesting details and facets to these cases too tedious to relate at this time.

The U.S., at this time in history, is perpetuating a huge hypocrisy and hoax upon the peoples of the world. The Emperor wears no clothes.

Bill Doriss
YarmouthCourt, MA
508 685 0339

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