Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Green Public Transportation

A friend of mine is lobbying hard for the introduction of a "Sky Train" in the US.

It will be some sort of a hybrid, where it runs off of fuel cells, solar, the power grid, and/or some fossil fuel as a back up. Break reclamation will be used to charge the batteries to be about 40% more efficient in energy saving as compared to standard breaks just generating heat.

I have seen a video on a tour bus system that operates on a closed course outside the US on a closed track. The bus drives over a little hump, not even connecting with the bus and tops off the charge on the batteries requiring 75% less battery weight. It reminds me of the Bus train system in Disney World in Florida to get you from the parking lot to the park, which I assume is minus the newest developments.

I think the system should also be sold as an emergency evacuation plan for natural disasters to get additional funding.

Why shouldn't a system be built along existing highways and rail lines?

That way, while the new system is starting to get up and running, it will encourage use of alternate public transportation systems, getting all Americans. of various classes and descriptions, used to everyday use of public transportation to help save our American economy. We need an end the flood of dollars to countries that hate us, for a hopefully soon to be outdated, fuel source.

Commuters could park their cars, and get to the airport, standard bus or train stations to complete a national network where the network is truly meant to be available to all Americans, not meant to contain and prevent certain segments of the population access to areas normally exclusive to the White Elite in America.

By having a redundant system, the rail freight and passenger system could be updated, and used to easily supply the materials needed for the next generation of transport, a Sky Train. Coal is abundant in America and if scrubbers are installed to the stacks can be a much cheaper source of electric power for substation, as compared to using diesel and other types of energy generation.

Diesel trains are power generators, so I think the system should be backwards compatible to allow these locomotives to be able to power up a Sky Train substation in a pinch or as an alternative power source. Diesel locomotives could also be used to help power towns and cities hit by a natural, or other, disaster.

I have traveled outside the US and marveled and how clean, cheap, and available public transportation is in other countries. Although, I was very impressed with the systems already in place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and with their skyways for pedestrian traffic downtown.

I hope my friend will allow me to film him, so I can share what developments have been made and what is proposed for the future of public transportation in the US. I am forwarding this post to him.

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