Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Pledge of Allegiance was written by a Socialist

and/or was he a maker of flags?

The author of the below video seems to claim that the authors of the pledge of allegiance later became the Nazi party

The Court of Public Relations (HQ)

Quotes from video:
"If the judge is representing me and presiding over me, isn't that a conflict of interest?"

"Government is nothing more than a group of men and women who do business under the threat of violence."

Lawyer "pen tricks" are demonstrated.

Is Habeas Corpus followed?

Do the courts try and coerce your believe in their legitimacy forcing you to participate in their farce?

The Government Courts are run like a monarchy. Judge rule off of high platforms and come out of a well lit narrow hallway. What are they trying to say with these elaborate "rituals" and pledges etc?

Are bar associations of lawyers really cults with secret agendas?

The above videos shows the absolute need for cameras in the courtroom.

More of the above Vbloggers videos [here]

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[click here] for my docket # and complaint to CT Atty Gen.


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